Random posting this time because I am SOOO free... (=.=) Well consider myself really free for now because my house in under renovation and I can't do anything except waiting for my mom to come back home now.. And also waiting for piano class at the same time..

My life now is very busy actually, class, class, class.. I don't online as often as usual already.. Because getting lazier when so tired.. (>A<) I will still try to update my blog at least once in a week.. Unless really not free..

Me in class camwhore a lil~ XDD

*From this post onwards, only some people may understand what I am saying. If you don't understand, well its ok, nothing important because is actually just a joke~ :D)

I am posting a very random stuff I saw 2 months ago in a shopping complex with BlackCatz, we both are LMAO when we saw these.. XD Well as you can see the shop name - Cecil McBee... (Whoever reads Popteen or any japanese magazines will understand what I am saying) I can't believe Cecil Mcbee is in Malaysia and OMG, ALL FOR RM10!!!! (=.=)

And Ume.co is in Malaysia too!!! OMFG!!!! XDDD

Hahaha that's all this new post.. Is random, I know.. XD Because I havve nothing to post lately other than last weekend, I went to a Lolita outing~ I will post it when I am free~ :D