New year is near.. Is just 3 more days from now.. What to do next year? I am still in a maze.. Lost and uncertain, but MAYBE knew where is the way out.. *sigh*

Life is always so many things to choose. Example, when you were lost, there are so many choices of road to get you out from this maze.. Keep choosing is your only option, if you choose wrong, then you MIGHT be forever stuck inside, but if you choose correctly, then you will get out from the maze without any trouble.. Not only to choose, are you strong, determine to walk out from this maze? If you are not, then forever you WILL be stuck..

Yesterday night, me, Black Catz and her sister were watching the GazettE Dim Scene concert in the middle of the night~ XD We did head bang and jumping around like there's no tomorrow.. The situation at that time was HIGH!! Really just like in the concert itself!! Especially when is the song is "Headache Man", because Ruki head bang until very funny, we all laugh until can't stop.. XD And then Uruha forgot to sing a part of the song.. XD Hahaha.. And the another funniest part was Black Catz sister was the most hyper!! She was really crazy jumping around, 1st she jumped to Black Catz then to me.. And still she didn't complain of any tired while the 2 of us are already half-dead.. OMG!! Me and Black Catz really are getting old.. Hahaha... XD

Here is Black Catz posing with her beloved hubby~ Uruha~ XD

Me with my beloved Ruki too~ >3<

Catz sister with her beloved Kai~~ X3

The clock pointing sharp 3 in the morning, only our "concert" was finish.. Our heads and bodies are really quarter dead this time.. Hahaha.. Was really a fun and unforgetable night!! X3


Merry Christmas everybody~~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!

Christmas is always the best thing for everybody, don't care malay, chinese or indian, we celebrate together.. Because everybody always love to have a gift from somebody.. XD

Finally my collection of visual kei stuff with Black Catz already more than 5!! Mwahahaha.. Very happy!! 5 the GazettE DVD and CD and 2 Antic Cafe's CD~~ haha, so happy!! Our next target is to get other visual kei's band like LM.C, Screw, Versailles and more~~ ^^ We are also collecting visual kei's magazine and Lolita's too~~ X3

Because Chirstmas is always a day to give your love ones presents, so I bought 5 Lolita items from Bodyline to give myself a present.. XD 1 JSK, 1 skirt, 2 blouse and 1 bag.. I love myself too much.. hahaha...


Comic Fiesta is over... And now my life looks kinda more bored.. Don't know what to do and still thinking... The only thing that 1st came into my mind was, "Hey, Yumi, start doing preparation for next year's cosplay~ And don't forget your guitar lessons, driving license and etc.."

But the worst thing now is, I am very LAZY!!! *hits myself* After this SPM thing, I am like a couch potato in the house, except last week was a very busy week... But now after CF too, I am so lazy... =3= *sigh* Better find something to do before I really rot in the house...

Christmas is near~~~ Everybody, early Merry Christmas wishes~~
My days after SPM, I am getting so lazy to even write something in my blog.. Hahaha.. I should say I am not free to write my blog.. == But since now got some time, let's write something.. X3

DEC 9 09,
The day where my SPM ends.. But before that, see what is my both friends reaction before the last test.. Hahaha.. XD
This is Tracy, eating her last bread before the exams starts.. Sighing what to do after SPM.. XD

And this here is Elaine, can you see how small her eyes are?? She was too excited until she didn't sleep the whole night.. Hahaha.. XD

Right after my SPM, I went home bath and then went to my friend's house to celebrate his birthday~ *I was so tired, but because promise is a promise, so no choice* =3=

DEC 11 09,
Went out with my sisters~ Finally, I have been waiting for this moment to arrive!! My outings with my sisters~~!! We spend our whole day together, I should say~ Hahaha.. Early in the morning, we've already meet up in Time Square, then went to KLCC to check out magazine then went to Mid Valley to watch 'The Christmas Carol'.

Now thinking back, I am amazed how we wear Lolita and Punk to walk the whole day without complaining how tired we are.. XD

DEC 12, 13 and 14,
Went up to Genting with Black Catz, my mom and Charles.. Was really3 very3 fun, the only thing was left was Cherly can't follow along.. T^T If she has follow us, I am sure it would be a lot more fun~~ >< onblur="try {parent.deselectBloggerImageGracefully();} catch(e) {}" href="http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_atYhUkb6SH8/Sye6EtByTjI/AAAAAAAAALM/8GkgoT9lDwA/s1600-h/DSC02884.JPG">
Charles looks so cute in this expression~~!!! Hahahah... XD(Above the 2 pictures are the expression of a satisfying meal.. Haha.. The stuff's there in Genting are really DAMN expensive.. That's why we must always be 'grateful' for the food and start taking pictures.. XD)

Then about 12, me and Black Catz were still in the hyper mode, so decided to go to Starbucks to have some drink~ At the same time, we watch a movie called DMC (Detroit Metal City) by using my mom's laptop.. It was damn funny!! Love that movie!! And I love how Kenichi shout too!! I can't believe he can sing so well in VK style~~ >3

Caught Black Catz camwhoring herself~~ Hahahaha..
Inside Ripley's Believe it or not... The stuffs inside are really so cool and will make your mind blown~!! Must go in if you love weird things~ But even if you don't, must try too~

Catz : AAHHHHH!!!

Hohohoho~~!!! XD



Today is the international Lolita day~~!! So 1st thing in my mind was hunt for cakes and ice-creams~ Hahaha.. XD Don't care calories, don't care fat, as long I can eat cakes and ice-creams~


Today went out with Cheryl and her brother to Tropicana City to so-called celebrate Lolita Day~ Because Cheryl's brother wanted to go to the arcade, so we followed... At 1st, I was thinking, how can a Lolita play stuff in there, Lolita must be polite and nice and "all those elegant woman's etiquette", but when I saw SILENT HILL THE ARCADE, I totally changed my mind and told Cheryl, let's go have some fun~ Hahaha.. It was damn cool!!! Silent Hill is the best!! Though I am not really used to the graphic, but still is Silent Hill, so still LOVE it~~~ >D

After playing Silent Hill, we went to play the ParaPara Dance.. Cheryl was so good~ Because looking at her playing was quite tempted, so decided to play.. But also thanks to Cheryl keep telling me to try~ ^^'''

Later then we went to Starbucks for some cakes~ weeee~~~ Finally, cakes~~ The cake was really nice~ Really have a lot of fun today, thanks to Cheryl and her brother.. The only sad thing was, Black Catz was not with us, if not, it would be much much more better~ ^^


And lately, I was totally in the Lolita and Visual kei mood... I need money to buy!!! Though manage to buy Antic Cafe's greatest album and now waiting for my 'baby' to arrive, but still not enough, I want their concert too.. >< *I know I am greedy but that's me* Hahaha... XD Miku is so handsome!! X3 Kya~~!!! I just love Antic Cafe and the GazettE so much!!! Especially Miku and Ruki.. >3<