Today is the international Lolita day~~!! So 1st thing in my mind was hunt for cakes and ice-creams~ Hahaha.. XD Don't care calories, don't care fat, as long I can eat cakes and ice-creams~


Today went out with Cheryl and her brother to Tropicana City to so-called celebrate Lolita Day~ Because Cheryl's brother wanted to go to the arcade, so we followed... At 1st, I was thinking, how can a Lolita play stuff in there, Lolita must be polite and nice and "all those elegant woman's etiquette", but when I saw SILENT HILL THE ARCADE, I totally changed my mind and told Cheryl, let's go have some fun~ Hahaha.. It was damn cool!!! Silent Hill is the best!! Though I am not really used to the graphic, but still is Silent Hill, so still LOVE it~~~ >D

After playing Silent Hill, we went to play the ParaPara Dance.. Cheryl was so good~ Because looking at her playing was quite tempted, so decided to play.. But also thanks to Cheryl keep telling me to try~ ^^'''

Later then we went to Starbucks for some cakes~ weeee~~~ Finally, cakes~~ The cake was really nice~ Really have a lot of fun today, thanks to Cheryl and her brother.. The only sad thing was, Black Catz was not with us, if not, it would be much much more better~ ^^


And lately, I was totally in the Lolita and Visual kei mood... I need money to buy!!! Though manage to buy Antic Cafe's greatest album and now waiting for my 'baby' to arrive, but still not enough, I want their concert too.. >< *I know I am greedy but that's me* Hahaha... XD Miku is so handsome!! X3 Kya~~!!! I just love Antic Cafe and the GazettE so much!!! Especially Miku and Ruki.. >3<

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