Happy Birthday, Catz~

Happy Birthday, my dearest sister - Black Catz~!!! Wish you all the best~~~ Dreams come true and all the wishes you can think of la.. Hahahaha...

Me and Cheryl love you forever~~~~~~~~~~~~~ XDDDDD

Hope we stay together forever....



Just few days ago, I went to Johor Baru. It was my 1st time going there, but my mom told me its not my 1st time.. =.= I can't recall anything back that I went there before... Anyway, I went there on Sunday early in the morning.. It was a 4 to 5 hours drive there... OMG, its damn tired.... It wasn't vacation, just a trip there for my mom to meet her client and I am just accompanying her..

I bought along Glen to this trip and my mom was scolding me like hell.. Hahahaha.. I just felt that if I leave him alone in the house, it makes him feel so lonely... This is his 1st trip and his 1st time going out so far~~

Glen~ <3

Camwhore with Glen~

This is my room~ It was quite nice and cheap too. RM140+ for a night and their facilities are nice and there even have a small kitchen for you to cook~ But the problem was, it was very hard finding this hotel.. Because me and my mom is not really familiar to JB, so... We were quite lost...

Through my window, I can see Singapore!!!!! TTATT I want to go~!!!!! I miss those days when I was in Singapore together with Cheryl. Jean, Jamie, Sherill, Blade and KZF.. That is the bridge to Singapore~~~~~!!!!!

Didn't took much picture of JB because we took a lot of time to drive around and try our best not to get lost.. =.= This picture was a random picture I took when I was too bored inside the car.. XD

A few shots of Glen posing at the window looking through Singapore.. 1 day, I am going to bring Glen to Singapore too~

I am sure Glen would be happy to go to Singapore too~~ X3

My mom waiting for dinner to be serve.. XDDD

Then the next day, I followed my mom to meet her client.. It was damn bored!!! T.T I have waited for her for almost more than an hour and I need to go sit with her on the table with her client for 3 hours?? If I am not wrong.. =A=

So that's why, another random and boring shots I took in the office...

That's all for now~ Tired now, and I need to practice my guitar and piano more~ I am quite addicted to a song lately, My Chemical Romance - Famous Last Words... It was a song my teacher wants me to practice.. :) So while playing the song, I am singing just for fun~ XD


New things

My new hair and my new Zy magazine~ Though its actually quite long ago picture.. But lazy to post at that time so post now~ XD

My new hair is a boy cut hair.. I had enough of long/short hair.. So I rather like it balance yet style... Hehehehe..

Then just yesterday, I went to be my friend's model for special effect make up.. Its totally awesome!! Last week, I actually went before to be her model, then this week I went there again. Last week was a "gunshot" make up, then this week, which means yesterday, was "burnt" make up.

Putting on it and looking at it looks cool, but when removing it was damn pain!! TTATT


Puri-puri Collection

Ruki is getting better~~~ Oh my God.. Thank you so much, Kami-sama!!!!!!! When I get to know this, it cheers my day up so so so much~~~~~ I am so happy~~~~~~ XD

Then lately, I am TOO free~ And too CAREFREE, so decided to scan my puri-puri pictures that are with my dearest sisters - Cheryl and Black Catz (Akiyo), for fun~ XD I always love to take puri-puri pictures with them~ Hahahahha.. It's part of my collection too~

This is 1 of the puri-puri picture~ Nyaaaaannnn~~~~ *WTF? I am acting cute? This is so not me!!!* (Yumi gone crazy because of too happy, ignore her....)

Don't know why after scanning, the pictures are so bright.. =A=



Omg.. Please, please, please... Take care... You must get well soon.. I am praying hard for you... Please... please... Seeing you like this makes me hurts... I am very worry too... *sigh*

the GazettE's concert was postpone because Ruki's voice got some virus infection.. Damn.. Why must it happen now when my tomorrow is going to happen something very important that I mustn't fail.... I must stay focus and succeed for tomorrow's challenge.... Because it's very important to me and my dreams....

Get well soon, Ruki... I am praying for you....


No mood..

Today wasn't really a good day. Damn.. When you feel bad, everything just don't f**king understand why turns bad too.. All the day you will feel bad.. Even if you try to be happy, everything seems to be against you..

Yesterday I was packing my whole room, trying to clear ALL rubbish inside my room. Then I found my diary, old old diary, the very dark era of mine. I picked up and started to read. It wasn't nice at all, reading the foolishness of myself last time, I was totally disgusted. How foolish can I be to believe a liar, a bullshiter.. She is totally a bitch..
Because of her, now I am scare of something I love very much last time.
Because of her, now it's very hard for me to believe people that appear in my life.
Because of her, I change to a more close up person.
I do not know is it good or bad, but I try to think in a positive way..
Because of her, I know the true meaning of friendship.
Because of her, I am stronger.
Because of her, I know how to cherish things.

Now comes to think of it, thanks to this stupid memories that I recall yesterday, I think that's the reason why today was a suck day.. F**K!!!!!!!!!! GRRRRRRHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Though my new the GazettE's magazines and cds arrived, it cheers me up for awhile but later on, I was feeling bad again. *sigh* I must feel better tomorrow~



All of the sudden, I am in a "blogging" mood.. XD

A picture of Tasik Selatan~ Was taking the train home earlier than the other days when suddenly my guitar teacher cancel the class.. T^T I miss those ESP guitar in the studio.. =3=


Ice-cream~ Loves~

I had the best ice-cream lately~ X3 My mom bought me to Haagen Dazs for ice-cream last Saturday~ It was so nice that I felt that now I must only eat Haagen Dazs for ice-cream.. It was quite expensive though. =.= But I am totally addicted to it!!! Just like I addicted to Starbucks!! Hahahaha..

My first time in Haagen Dazs~ Love it!! Its Tiramisu and Macadamia nuts..(If I am not wrong.. hahaha, forgot what was the flavour's name..)

Then lately, I got an IPOD mini~ :D Happy~ This IPOD was given by my father. So now I have no need to spend another few hundreds just for another Mp3.. :3

And then, yesterday, in NHK, 1 of the program show (I forgot what was the name of the program). They showed UVERworld!!!!!! OMFG!!! Takuya is just so f**king handsome!!

They showed the single PV - GOLD~


PS3~~ Chuu~~

Arrrggghhh~~!!! I miss my PS3~~!!!!!!! TTATT I miss Metal Gear Solid, I miss Snake, I miss Raiden, I miss Drebin.. I even miss Drebin's monkey~ XD I miss Dynasty Warriors too~~

My lovely PS3.. Will wait for your return this year end~~~

My lovely games~--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Then lately, went out with Catz.. And of course, as usual, Catz and I always love our favoutire spot - Starbucks. We will always try our best not to miss that 1... hahaha

Then, after Starbucks, we went to take Puri-puri pictures~ Its been such a long time since I last took these Puri-puri pictures with friends.. So when I saw these Puri-puri machines, my eyes sparkle and my heart went in~ XD

So, that's all for now. Lazy to write again. Going to take a nap now~ Ciao~