Ice-cream~ Loves~

I had the best ice-cream lately~ X3 My mom bought me to Haagen Dazs for ice-cream last Saturday~ It was so nice that I felt that now I must only eat Haagen Dazs for ice-cream.. It was quite expensive though. =.= But I am totally addicted to it!!! Just like I addicted to Starbucks!! Hahahaha..

My first time in Haagen Dazs~ Love it!! Its Tiramisu and Macadamia nuts..(If I am not wrong.. hahaha, forgot what was the flavour's name..)

Then lately, I got an IPOD mini~ :D Happy~ This IPOD was given by my father. So now I have no need to spend another few hundreds just for another Mp3.. :3

And then, yesterday, in NHK, 1 of the program show (I forgot what was the name of the program). They showed UVERworld!!!!!! OMFG!!! Takuya is just so f**king handsome!!

They showed the single PV - GOLD~

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