No mood..

Today wasn't really a good day. Damn.. When you feel bad, everything just don't f**king understand why turns bad too.. All the day you will feel bad.. Even if you try to be happy, everything seems to be against you..

Yesterday I was packing my whole room, trying to clear ALL rubbish inside my room. Then I found my diary, old old diary, the very dark era of mine. I picked up and started to read. It wasn't nice at all, reading the foolishness of myself last time, I was totally disgusted. How foolish can I be to believe a liar, a bullshiter.. She is totally a bitch..
Because of her, now I am scare of something I love very much last time.
Because of her, now it's very hard for me to believe people that appear in my life.
Because of her, I change to a more close up person.
I do not know is it good or bad, but I try to think in a positive way..
Because of her, I know the true meaning of friendship.
Because of her, I am stronger.
Because of her, I know how to cherish things.

Now comes to think of it, thanks to this stupid memories that I recall yesterday, I think that's the reason why today was a suck day.. F**K!!!!!!!!!! GRRRRRRHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Though my new the GazettE's magazines and cds arrived, it cheers me up for awhile but later on, I was feeling bad again. *sigh* I must feel better tomorrow~

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