DIVA Gala Night

Its been almost 1 month after my DIVA Gala Night. It was really an awesome experience and really learn a lot from it. In front of the stage, everything looks perfect and awesome, but in the backstage, everything is very very very messy.. Hahaha.. Having a show really takes effort, though the show is just a night thing, but the effort of preparing takes so long... Phew, well now everything is over, glad is over perfectly~

Enough of talking~ Here are some pictures. XD

We reach Sg.Wang very early which is around 7am because we need to start the rehearsal~ As you can see, everybody is waiting and some are preparing~

This is Dianna Yong~ Sitting waiting for the rehearsal~ xD

And here we have.. From right : Louis, our hairstylist for the day~ Jacklynn and Nelson~ *Louis spotted me being a paparazzi though..* (==)

After the rehearsal, it was just 10am. So I decided to have breakfast together with my friends then later we back to Diva Production to prepare for our make up~ And yup, as you can see from the picture below, everything is nicely prepare for us to make up. XD I am in the middle~ X)

While waiting, the hairstylist of the day - Louis helping people to hair style~ Awesome and kind person he is~ XD There we have Suzanne, she is somehow shy when Louis is styling her hair.. XD

Around 2pm, our own models slowly coming in.. So everybody started to make up~

(Didn't have pictures of me doing make up though, hopefully somebody took a picture of it so I can use it as my portfolio.. ><)

Later on, around 6pm, we all have to go to Sg.Wang because models are needed to be dressed up there~ So pack stuff and chiao~~

*skip skip skip* Gala Night starts~ XD

This is where they announce the winner~

These are the models from our group~

This is my model~ She is Tengku Azura~ (><) I am really honor to be her make up artist. It was my 1st show and I get to help her make up.. *touched* Thanks Diva Production~! <3

Make up artist and the models came out together~ :D

The finale part, we have to walk to the front stage and bow~ For me, it was really hard to walk with my new super high heels... (==) Luckily, my model, Tengku Azura, guided me all the time and encourage me at the backstage. XD *bows*

After the show~ The best part~ Camwhore time!!!! XDD Me and Tengku Azura~ <3 She looks scary though. XD

Got a kiss from her~ <3

Me and my besties, Xin Min~ She won for the Junior Category as the 2nd runner-up (If I am not wrong.. Sorry because I am really very forgetful person.. T^T)

Awesome friends~ From left : Kiki, Irene, me, (I forgot his name.. TAT Please forgive me) and Theresa~

My awesome senior, Alicia, in the middle~

Maggie, my teacher~ She is so cute~

My awesome teacher, Yein~ She was our group leader during the Gala Night make up too~ She guides us all the way~ Thank you teacher for everything~ You are awesome, remember that~~~

From right : Sybil and Suzanne. Sybil is my teacher too, she looks like Lady Gaga that night~ I love her so so much too~~ *huggies*

Jessica Kok (left), my most respective senior ever. She really inspire me a lot. And my favorite teacher, Caryn (right)~

Me and Sybil~

After seeing so many nice pictures in front of the stage, now a picture of the backstage~ XD See? Is so crowded and pack and messy. XDD

Well that's all for the DIVA Gala Night. I love my friends, my seniors and my teachers so much!!!!!!!! And thanks again to Diva Production for this Gala Night~

Pictures of practices before the Gala Night. This was my make up~ Model is Alicia~ She really suit this make up so much, even my teacher says that~ XD

And her Gala Night make up~ I was her model~ Awesome right? XD

Well, that's all~ Some of the pictures above are credits to Cheryl, my sister~~~ Lastly, I want to say thank you soooo much to my sister Cheryl, my boyfriend, Emmanuel and my butler, Jian Leng for coming. XD THANKS MAN!!!!!!



Finally I bought a new shirt for my dear son, Glen~~~ He must be very happy~~~ :D Somehow it makes me happy too and makes me feel like buying more shirts for him... But I am broke.. (TAT)

This is the new look of Glen~ He have 1 more inner shirt but I was thinking that, nowadays are very hot, so just let him wear a jacket~ :D

Even Glen knows how to "ss"~~ XDDD *wink*

Glen, mommy promise will save money and buy more stuff for you~~~~ (>A<)



Yes, as the title written there, I am going to write something very "black" now.. Well I mean "black" just a very emo post.. I am just expressing out, no offense to anybody.. (If you hate reading emo post, then is better you ignore it)

Lately I am not really feeling very good, I thought I were good but I was wrong, I was over-confident on myself and fall down miserably. (I lose my make up competition and feeling very sad about it) Now I feel so useless and nothing I could do to make things happen in my life. Yes, what I am writing now is really how I feel. I am sure most people out there have the same feeling too, you work so hard for it and the outcome was zero.... Then you see other people flying high up and got jealous about it... Slowly you have no faith in yourself anymore, you don't feel like doing it anymore, then you want to run away from it.... You are tired of seeing people having good times while you sitting at the corner thinking how to join in the convo... Slowly you know, you are left out... You try to keep up the pace and try to talk to others and stay happy, but people just don't feel like talking to you.... You know it from their eyes that they just don't want to talk to you.... Then you start to think - What is my problem? What have I done that people don't to talk to me? And all the other negatives thoughts.... By then you know, you became numb about all this...

Well, what I am writing now is not to support people to have emo thoughts and sob all the day without doing anything. I am just expressing as I have written in the first sentence. People do have sad and happy times, that's what makes a person stronger and makes life more exciting. I may sound very very emo at the second paragraph, but when I think it through, I know those are just nothing, later in the future, I have more challenge that I have to face it to achieve my dreams, I may lose again but I will not give up. What I have learn through all this..

- Failure doesn't mean you will fail forever
- Just do your best but not too confident about yourself, because if you do, you will fall down even more pain and worst thing, you might not get back up on your feet
- Be yourself, some people may not like you but do remember, they are others that love you so much
- Aim for perfection not winning, this is the most important..

I hope this post doesn't bore anyone and wish I could give people some motivation.. Hahaha.. Will post out pictures of my DIVA Gala Night when I have all the pictures with me~ :D Thanks for reading~

Make Up Competition

Please help me "like" this page and "like" this picture. Is my make up for my competition. I would really appreciate it... *bows*

Here is the link ---> MAKE UP COMPETITION

Thank you everybody!!! <3


MLC February Lolita Tea Party

Its been 2 months ago since this Lolita Tea Party, I really want to apologize for my lateness.. (=3=)

Its been so long since I went to Lolita outing with my dear Lolita friends~ (><) I miss them so much~ So happy to have meet them. I want to thank you Aiko, our vice-president of MLC (Malaysia Lolita Club) for organizing this, if not we wouldn't have the chance to meet each other too..

Venue : Levain. Kuala Lumpur
Date : 26th Feb 2011

Of course, the first thing we did when we reach is... FOOD!! XD We found our place to put our bags and stuff, everybody went down and find for FOOD! XD Me and BlackCatz wasn't really that hungry so we ate only deserts~

2 plate full of macaroons!!! 8D I have never try macaroons before! They are very nice though is sweet, goes with a tea would be very nice~

See the purple macaroon? That macaroon is "Cassis". Hahaha, I was spazzing over there saying is from the GazettE~ XDD

Believe it or not, this is a bun! Is soooo cute!! Is bought by Azu~ 1 of my Lolita friend~

After meal, we have some games~ :D First, we played "bingo"~ Then we were ask to write our current obsession~

As you can see, mine is a very big the GazettE - Ruki word over there and the others are normal thing like make up, high fashion and other fan girls stuff. XD Beside me, we have Blackcatz's current obsession!

Later on, we played another game~

Time were passing very fast that day, after all the games we played, it was almost 4, if I am not wrong.. We had our group photo before we say good bye..

The sweet side~ From left :
Neko (Najwa)

The classic side~ From left :
Kye Lin
Amanda (Ginger)    

Group photo~

We met a new friend too, Azu~ She is more to the casual Lolita side~

Hahahahahhaa.. Every time when I see this picture, I will LMAO!! XD What Aiko say was - "Fuiyoh! Macam what cooperate meeting sia... Yumi is the CEO, then Akiyo is the wife, Azu is the secretary... xD"
Well that's all for the Lolita outing, hopefully to see everybody again~ Really very happy~ Thanks again to Aiko for organizing~ Photos above mostly credit to Aiko and her photographer, Parry and Merrinette~ Thanks so much~

After Lolita outing, me, BlackCatz, Azu and Amanda were planning to watch Black Swan in The Pavilion~ The whole story of how did we get our ticket was very interesting and exciting. XD I am kinda lazy to type how, but just imagine we went through a lot just to get the ticket~ XDDD

After the show, it was very late. We went for some supper at TGI Fridays before we went home~ It was already 23:51 (As you can see from the phone below) This phone is credit to BlackCatz. XD

This is the first time I went home so late.. I really want to thank you Amanda for sending us home and going to the tea party. Thank you so much!! We owe you a tea~ X)


-wrong post-

I accidentally press the button "publish post" when I am not even finish with it yet, I don't know how to delete post, so please ignore this post. (><);;;


I am back!! XD

Yesh 1 month of not blogging... My blog must be full of dust like my house now.. Well, now I will just simply post something up before it grows algae too.. (=.=)

Lately, my house has been a mess, nothing much to say, 1 word says it all, MESSY!!!! (=A=) Will post some picture out next time when I have the time.. I have not been staying in my own house for 1 month because of the renovation and all the drama from the contractor who ditch us... D<

Anyway, lately, I am very busy with my own make up thing too.. I will be having a Gala Night next week organize by my academy - DIVA PRODUCTION. That day will be announcing our results of our make up competition, so scary, and I can't wait too... (>A<) The dress code of my Gala Night is 80's rock.. Now I am thinking, how am I going to pull this off... XDD

Like this? XD (No offense to whoever love this band) I didn't know 80's dress up so colorful..

That's just joking, I did found out how to dress up more modern, of course.. I really love this fashion~ I think 80's rock fashion point is more to leggings... Hmm... Will think on how to wear...

Siging out now, will try to update more next time~