DIVA Gala Night

Its been almost 1 month after my DIVA Gala Night. It was really an awesome experience and really learn a lot from it. In front of the stage, everything looks perfect and awesome, but in the backstage, everything is very very very messy.. Hahaha.. Having a show really takes effort, though the show is just a night thing, but the effort of preparing takes so long... Phew, well now everything is over, glad is over perfectly~

Enough of talking~ Here are some pictures. XD

We reach Sg.Wang very early which is around 7am because we need to start the rehearsal~ As you can see, everybody is waiting and some are preparing~

This is Dianna Yong~ Sitting waiting for the rehearsal~ xD

And here we have.. From right : Louis, our hairstylist for the day~ Jacklynn and Nelson~ *Louis spotted me being a paparazzi though..* (==)

After the rehearsal, it was just 10am. So I decided to have breakfast together with my friends then later we back to Diva Production to prepare for our make up~ And yup, as you can see from the picture below, everything is nicely prepare for us to make up. XD I am in the middle~ X)

While waiting, the hairstylist of the day - Louis helping people to hair style~ Awesome and kind person he is~ XD There we have Suzanne, she is somehow shy when Louis is styling her hair.. XD

Around 2pm, our own models slowly coming in.. So everybody started to make up~

(Didn't have pictures of me doing make up though, hopefully somebody took a picture of it so I can use it as my portfolio.. ><)

Later on, around 6pm, we all have to go to Sg.Wang because models are needed to be dressed up there~ So pack stuff and chiao~~

*skip skip skip* Gala Night starts~ XD

This is where they announce the winner~

These are the models from our group~

This is my model~ She is Tengku Azura~ (><) I am really honor to be her make up artist. It was my 1st show and I get to help her make up.. *touched* Thanks Diva Production~! <3

Make up artist and the models came out together~ :D

The finale part, we have to walk to the front stage and bow~ For me, it was really hard to walk with my new super high heels... (==) Luckily, my model, Tengku Azura, guided me all the time and encourage me at the backstage. XD *bows*

After the show~ The best part~ Camwhore time!!!! XDD Me and Tengku Azura~ <3 She looks scary though. XD

Got a kiss from her~ <3

Me and my besties, Xin Min~ She won for the Junior Category as the 2nd runner-up (If I am not wrong.. Sorry because I am really very forgetful person.. T^T)

Awesome friends~ From left : Kiki, Irene, me, (I forgot his name.. TAT Please forgive me) and Theresa~

My awesome senior, Alicia, in the middle~

Maggie, my teacher~ She is so cute~

My awesome teacher, Yein~ She was our group leader during the Gala Night make up too~ She guides us all the way~ Thank you teacher for everything~ You are awesome, remember that~~~

From right : Sybil and Suzanne. Sybil is my teacher too, she looks like Lady Gaga that night~ I love her so so much too~~ *huggies*

Jessica Kok (left), my most respective senior ever. She really inspire me a lot. And my favorite teacher, Caryn (right)~

Me and Sybil~

After seeing so many nice pictures in front of the stage, now a picture of the backstage~ XD See? Is so crowded and pack and messy. XDD

Well that's all for the DIVA Gala Night. I love my friends, my seniors and my teachers so much!!!!!!!! And thanks again to Diva Production for this Gala Night~

Pictures of practices before the Gala Night. This was my make up~ Model is Alicia~ She really suit this make up so much, even my teacher says that~ XD

And her Gala Night make up~ I was her model~ Awesome right? XD

Well, that's all~ Some of the pictures above are credits to Cheryl, my sister~~~ Lastly, I want to say thank you soooo much to my sister Cheryl, my boyfriend, Emmanuel and my butler, Jian Leng for coming. XD THANKS MAN!!!!!!

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