the GazettE Nameless Liberty Six Bullets

Last week I went to BlackCatz's house for fun. Hahaha.. And yes, our (Me and BlackCatz) baby arrive!!!! the GazettE Nameless Liberty Six Bullets DVD!!!!! *fangirl sreams* Ruki!!!!!!!!!! I am sooo happy~~~ Thank you BlackCatz~~~ <3<3<3

The picture of the DVD is really very nice, I love how Ruki always design the looks of the CD/DVD/Album~ Ruki is so creative~~~ X3 This is the limited edition, so it comes with the making~ Ruki is sooo cute!!!! Hahahaha... Please don't mind this fangirl. XDD

Here are some sneak peak of the DVD. Me and Catz watch together and got really very high!! XDDD

Ruki (Vocalist) <3<3<3

Uruha (Guitarist) BlackCatz's husband~ XD

Aoi (Guitarist) Belongs to BlackCatz too. XD

Reita (Bassist) As cool as ever!

Kai (Drummer) My 2nd favorite!! <3<3

Tokyo Dome's stage is really awesome big! No joke.. Even Ruki can have a "fashion show" walk to the front of the stage! He is so handsome and cute~ X3

The 3 boys~

Uruki (Uruha x Ruki) *nosebleed*
Later after that night, me and Catz decided to have a dolls photo shoot~ Glen get to meet a new friend, Mayrene (Catz's doll, Eleanor's sister). Mayrene is such a cute doll. She look so shy~

Mayrene and Glen~

Finally, Glen and Eleanor meet up again~ They look so loving here~

Family photo~ Welcome Mayrene to the family~

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