Yay~!! I finally manage myself crossing over this tiring war (SPM), but is just day 2 and I still got 3 more weeks to go.. urgh... >< Must stay focus and study.. *Which I doubt myself is going to study because the subject I love is already over.. XD*

So, what have I been doing lately.. eh.. oh ya.. Black Catz introduce me a new jdrama and its damn nice!! I love the story, the character and the whole drama itself.. Its so touching, funny and a bit "under age scene"... Hahaha.. This drama is PERFECT~~!!! >D

Mendol ~Ikemen Idol~

Love this drama!!! XD


SPM is just 2 more days from now.. And I have been studying like hell.. Really like in HELL!!! >A< *its so not me when I say myself study, because I am really not the type who study.. My philosophy is always "Don't know, don't care, happy always", but now.. "Must know, must care, crying always"..* T^T

But, at the same time, I am also very happy because finally, I have been waiting for this moment to come.. After this dumb dumb SPM, I am free~~ Free like a bird~~ Like a kookaburra~~ Hahaha.. XD

So, from Wednesday onward, I must stay focus on my SPM and forget about everything which includes VK (My beloved Miku and Ruki.. T^T), Lolita, cosplay and with my sister's outing for now.. But I don't think I can, BUT still will try to especially stay away from my beloved.. (If not I will really lose focus and start daydreaming.. haha..)



I am back to my drawing mood~~!!! My hands just can't stop me from drawing... But coloring... *sigh* so hard and I don't have that patience to do that.. =3=

Lately, because me and Cheryl was writing out a story of 3 best friends, so that's why I felt like drawing the scene out~ ^^ It was really very hard because 1st, it's the Victorian era, which means the dresses are very puffy and stuff like that.. (But luckily, I am the 1 who loves to draw puffy dress and frills~ Hahaha... Just like Lolita~) 2nd, HUMAN ANATOMY!!! I hate this.. It's super hard~~ T____T But still trying to improve..

With all this "obstacles" in my way, but still I want to draw~ Because my hands just can't stop and the feeling of drawing is really so great~~ XD

Here are my "master-piece".. CHANG CHANG~~~ Hahaha.. =D

Inside the story, there's 3 very best friends.. Below this drawing, from left is Cheryl (black hair), Blair (with bonnet) and Olivia (hair tied ponytail)..

Each 1 of this best friends, of coz, they have their beloved partner~ XD Below this drawing.. From left is Kadyn and Cheryl..

From left, Travis and Blair...

From left, Olivia and Clement...

That's all for now... There's still more to come.. That's for sure~~ Hahahaha.. XD