Happy Birthday to myself

Went out together with my dear few days ago, because it was my birthday, so wanted to spend time with him since he has no school that day~ :D Happy~~~ I am really happy~~

We went to Time Square because I can't go to PJ. My mom has been scolding me for always going out. (==) Because it was his 1st time using the public transport to go to Time Square alone so we meet early in KL Central, so I can guide him~ Well, I more than happy to meet him as early as possible because I always want to see him and spend more time with him~ Hehehe...

We reached Time Square very early, so we have no choice but to sit in Starbucks outside and wait for them to open.. Decided to camwhore~ XD

30 minutes later, finally.. Time Square was open, we went to a place to stone.. Yup, stoning was always our all time favourite. XD We love to stone~ XDDD

After few hours of stoning there, actually I decided to go to lunch, but he insisted to stay longer. So ok, I just continue stay longer then.. XDD Then suddenly..... BAAAAHH....... Cheryl and BlackCatz appear right in front of my eyes.... WTF...... That's the 1st word I said..... They gave me a surprise.... Hahaha, I was really touched that I cried too...... hahahah....

Cheryl~ :D She is so cute nyan~

BlackCatz~ So cute also~~~ X)

My dear, Emmanuel~

So happy to have 3 of them~ My best sisters and my dearest~~~

3 of them looks so cool here~ XD

Camwhore time!!!! XDDD

After hanging out at the very nice scenery place, finally we decided to go for lunch, Sushi King was my choice so everybody was ok with it~ XDD Skip the lunch part, so after meal, cake time~ This cake was bought by my dear... Is cream chocolate cake~ So nice! If only its still cold, it would be better...

They both looks so cute!! :D

Group star~ Thanks again so much my dearest sister - Cheryl and BlackCatz and my dearest darling - Emmanuel......

Then today, me and my mom went out for last minute CNY shopping.. XDDD And after shopping, my mom treat me my fav char kuey teow and prawn mee in Little Penang~ Their food there are always so nice~~~~ I love you very much~~~ Their normal food is arounf RM10.50, well if I am not wrong. XDDD Their curry mee are very nice too~~~~

After lunch, we went for dessert~ Pastis was our choice because they have......... (see the picture below then you will know........) The triangle pyramid food~~~~ This set comes with tea for 2 person~ :D

Me and my mom camwhore~ :D

Lastly, I bought Popteen~ So happy~~

That's all for now... *Sorry if this post, my typing a lil bit out, because something in my mind keep bothering me.. ><*


Cosplay Plans. NO!!! YES!!!

My cosplay plans are piling like crazy! (>A<) I am so stuck in between Lolita, cosplay and Visual-kei. I am thinking, should I cosplay Ayumi Hamasaki - Ourselves or OC (Original character) steampunk together with Cheryl or should I cosplay Peter White from Heart no kuni no Alice this year or should I push some for next year. I am so confuse!!! Should I? Or should I not?? Or should I cosplay all of them? Which will kill my purse... (=A=) WTF........... *shots*

Ayumi Hamasaki - Ourselves

OC steampunk - Well, I am not following this picture entirely, just the looks will be inspired by this picture, which equals to BIRDCAGE. *Picture is from Viona-Art*

Peter White - Heart no kuni no Alice

Can anybody give me some opinion? (><)


Time to rest.

Competition over. Finally, well consider it as a good thing because I can rest my mind a bit and start thinking about CNY. I want to thank you again to BlackCatz for being my model, she is a whole new Catz after the make up. XD She is really so pretty!! She is sexy and hot, instead of cute all the time... XD

Here are some pictures~ My competition theme make up for Junior are Day and Night MakeUp. Well, sounds easy and simple, but its not that easy when you need to get everything done by 45 minutes.. (=.=) I have 45 minutes to finish my day make up, then later on, 30 minutes to change to night make up..

Here is the day make up~

And from here onwards is the night make up. :D She looks gorgeous! Better than the make up artist.. Which is me.. XDD We were waiting for our turn to shoot~ So camwhore~

Here is how the shooting like. She totally looks like a real model here. 

After the shooting, it was my turn to do the Q&A section. SCARY! I hate to talk and worst, I am not good at talking, I admit it myself.. (=.=) So it was really scary for me, even BlackCatz know that I have no confidence when I am talking.. Damn.. Must really learn some skills from BlackCatz on how to talk. XD

Anyway, after my Q&A, finally everything ended~~ I was totally blanked after that... So Catz decided to go to Starbucks to chill out.. XD Later on, we have a small shoot for BlackCatz~ Here there are~ :D

Camwhore in the toilet~ Me and her were wearing high heels that day~ So we both were complaining high heels sucks, but still, we wear it... XDD Her high heels are freaking pretty!! I love it so much~

And that's all for my make up competition. Thanks again to BlackCatz for being my pretty model. And thanks Diva Production for the awesome experience!

Well actually, the day before my make up comepetition, I went to an event with BlackCatz, Cheryl, Emmanuel, Jian Leng, Misaki and the whole group. XD The event is called - AGC (Asia Games Channel) at the E@Curve. The event was pretty small so we didn't do much and just walk around, went to the Maid Cafe (but didn't went inside because it was soooo loooong queue) and did a bit of photoshoot. :D

(Left to right)
Ikuto (Shugo Chara) - Cheryl
EVA (Metal Gear Solid : Snake Eater) - Me
Hoshino Utau (Shugo Chara) - BlackCatz

Here is the photoshoot part~ :D BlackCatz and Cheryl did most of the photoshoot~ They are really cool and pretty and nice together~ X)

This is my photoshoot~ :)

(Pictures above are all credits to Alexander~ Thanks for the small photoshoot!!)

This picture is me and Naked Snake! XD Finally, I found my Snake. XDD This picture credits to Jean, he is the who helped in my previous shooting - Silent Hill x Resident Evil.
Naked Snake (Metal Gear Solid) - WantedDog

That's all for now~ Will try to keep update my blog~ :D Have a nice day guys~

Oh no. Not again.

As you can see from the title - Oh no. Not again. Yes, not again, I didn't frequently update my blog. (><) Please forgive me, my make up competition is near, so nowadays I seldom online too.

Well, I have nothing much to update anyways.. But I did have a Silent Hill x Resident Evil photoshoot in Genting.. The experience was awesome~ I really want to thank you, Deidara (Pyramid Head), Zend (Nemesis), Jean, Allen, Hibiki, Valho, Dyrenz and Sean so much for everything~ A thousand thank you for the awesome experience~~~!!! And thank you Hibiki for the awesome drifting.. It was really scary but the experience was priceless~

Here are the pictures~ Photos are by Hibiki Tokai, Jean and Valho~ 3 awesome photographers~ I have always respected them... (><)So it was my honor to meet them actually..

Me as the Silent Hill Nurse. Genting is already freezing cold, so with my costume, I was really shivering like hell.. XD

Deidara as the Pyramid Head. His costume is AWESOME!!

Zend as Nemesis from Resident Evil. His costume is AWESOME too!!! I love both Deidara's and Zend costume, they are both cosplayers that I respect  a lot too~

The passenger inside the car really freak out when they say Zend. XD   *Note: The passengers inside is not people that we know.hahaha.. XD

 The 3 survivors! They look so cool right? :D From left : Allen, Sean and Dyrenz.

But actually they are scare too. XDD Their facial expression is just too cute~ XD

Don't play-play with us! >D

After the whole shoot, is was already starting to drizzle, luckily we finished it fast~ :D We went down to Janda Baik for lunch and Hibiki was drifting again!! (>A<) Well, is just for awhile because I was like saying, "NOOOO!!!!" XDDD

Thanks again for everything, guys! You guys are really awesome!! <3



Omg, how long have I not updated my blog.. (=A=) Its already 3rd day of the new year and now only I update, ain't I good.. XDD Anyway, cut all the crabs... Straight to the point. XD 1st of all...... Happy New Year to everybody~~ Though is kinda too late but oh well, at least something than nothing right? (=w=) All the best in this new year and may everybody wishes come true~~~~

Ok, I was suppose to post about CF 2010, and again, I am late.. (>_>) But whatever... XD Our group in CF was epic~ Well honest speaking I didn't expect to be that epic. XD And didn't expect that we can get a whole group of Kuroshitsuji~ I really want to say thank you to all my Kuroshitsuji group for everything... *bows* If I hadn't know you guys, I don't think this will happen.. *cries*

Our Kuroshitsuji group~ This shot was an official shot of CF.. I am really grateful and honor... (><)
Ciel Phantomhive - Me
Sebastian Michaelis - Jian Leng
Elizebeth Middleford - Black Catz
Madam Red - Cheryl
Lau - Kai
Ranmau - Mel
Maylene - Misaki
Finnian - Jean

Few more other shots of our group~

Solo picture of myself as Ciel Phantomhive. I love this shot very much.. Hehehe.. (^^)|||

A shot of me and Cheryl when Cheryl - Madam Red trying to bully me - Ciel. (=.=) I know I look funny and "hey, c'mon, Ciel don't smile ok..???" (=3=) Even BlackCatz - Elizabeth is laughing beside me.. XDDD

Me and BlackCatz~ Love this shot too~
Jamie and Blade came to CF too~~~~!!!! *fangirl screaming* I am a fan of Jamie and Blade and all of their members. Coincidentally, Jamie was cosplaying as Ciel too and Blade was cosplaying Sebastian~ Both of them looks awesome, as usual~ And they actually bought a friend along, her name is Shiroro~

This is Jean(left) and Shiroro(right)~ Though I don't know who was she cosplaying, but she is very handsome too~ <3 I should have talk to her more that day~ (>A<)
Later on, our group and Jamie and Blade decided to have a group photo for fun, but ended up we started posing for quite a long time because the camera non-stop flashing.. XDDD

I love this shot so much, everybody looks gorgeous in here~ XDD Hahaha... *perasan*

We felt it was too bored, so Misaki - Maylene did an epic pose~ XDD Well, is a usual thing that Maylene always falls down~

And that's all for 1st day CF, lazy to type more.. So skip to 2nd day~ :D I was suppose to cosplay Eva from Metal Gear Solid:Snake Eater and as for Catz, she was suppose to cosplay Hoshino Utau from Shugo Chara, but because me and Catz have a Lolita Runway Show in the morning, so we both wore Lolita there 1st but then after the show, me and her felt lazy to change, so we both decided to just wear Lolita.. XDD

But Cheryl and Misaki cosplayed the 2nd day~ Cheryl is cosplaying Kuroki from Blazer Drive, while Misaki is doing her OC~ :D They both look awesome and cool~!

My dear, Emmanuel, cosplay as my favorite charater~ Ulquiorra from Bleach~ Love~

During The Lolita Runway Show, BlackCatz went up on stage 1st. She was so cute~ And yet very elegant and mature too.. Well, that's is something very rare to see from BlackCatz when she is elegant and mature.. XDD

After her, was me~ :) I want to thank you BlackCatz for borrowing me her AP jsk, blouse, socks, headdress and hairwig.. If she hadn't borrow me, I won't be so cute.. XDD *perasan* 

A shot of me and BlackCatz~

I love this shot so much because is 3 of us~ Though is a weird combination, but still I LOVE it~ I love BlackCatz and Cheryl sooooo much~ (>3<)chuu~~

Me and my dear, Emmanuel~ Love him so much too~

So now, CF 2010 is officially over, I am so excited bout next year CF already~~~ Once again, I want to say thank you, BlackCatz, Cheryl, Emmanuel, Jian Leng, Misaki, Mel, Jean, Kai, Jamie, Blade, Anthony and Malini and all the others for this awesome memories~ And also thank you too all photographers for all those awesome pictures too~ THANK YOU~!