Cosplay Plans. NO!!! YES!!!

My cosplay plans are piling like crazy! (>A<) I am so stuck in between Lolita, cosplay and Visual-kei. I am thinking, should I cosplay Ayumi Hamasaki - Ourselves or OC (Original character) steampunk together with Cheryl or should I cosplay Peter White from Heart no kuni no Alice this year or should I push some for next year. I am so confuse!!! Should I? Or should I not?? Or should I cosplay all of them? Which will kill my purse... (=A=) WTF........... *shots*

Ayumi Hamasaki - Ourselves

OC steampunk - Well, I am not following this picture entirely, just the looks will be inspired by this picture, which equals to BIRDCAGE. *Picture is from Viona-Art*

Peter White - Heart no kuni no Alice

Can anybody give me some opinion? (><)

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