Happy Birthday to myself

Went out together with my dear few days ago, because it was my birthday, so wanted to spend time with him since he has no school that day~ :D Happy~~~ I am really happy~~

We went to Time Square because I can't go to PJ. My mom has been scolding me for always going out. (==) Because it was his 1st time using the public transport to go to Time Square alone so we meet early in KL Central, so I can guide him~ Well, I more than happy to meet him as early as possible because I always want to see him and spend more time with him~ Hehehe...

We reached Time Square very early, so we have no choice but to sit in Starbucks outside and wait for them to open.. Decided to camwhore~ XD

30 minutes later, finally.. Time Square was open, we went to a place to stone.. Yup, stoning was always our all time favourite. XD We love to stone~ XDDD

After few hours of stoning there, actually I decided to go to lunch, but he insisted to stay longer. So ok, I just continue stay longer then.. XDD Then suddenly..... BAAAAHH....... Cheryl and BlackCatz appear right in front of my eyes.... WTF...... That's the 1st word I said..... They gave me a surprise.... Hahaha, I was really touched that I cried too...... hahahah....

Cheryl~ :D She is so cute nyan~

BlackCatz~ So cute also~~~ X)

My dear, Emmanuel~

So happy to have 3 of them~ My best sisters and my dearest~~~

3 of them looks so cool here~ XD

Camwhore time!!!! XDDD

After hanging out at the very nice scenery place, finally we decided to go for lunch, Sushi King was my choice so everybody was ok with it~ XDD Skip the lunch part, so after meal, cake time~ This cake was bought by my dear... Is cream chocolate cake~ So nice! If only its still cold, it would be better...

They both looks so cute!! :D

Group star~ Thanks again so much my dearest sister - Cheryl and BlackCatz and my dearest darling - Emmanuel......

Then today, me and my mom went out for last minute CNY shopping.. XDDD And after shopping, my mom treat me my fav char kuey teow and prawn mee in Little Penang~ Their food there are always so nice~~~~ I love you very much~~~ Their normal food is arounf RM10.50, well if I am not wrong. XDDD Their curry mee are very nice too~~~~

After lunch, we went for dessert~ Pastis was our choice because they have......... (see the picture below then you will know........) The triangle pyramid food~~~~ This set comes with tea for 2 person~ :D

Me and my mom camwhore~ :D

Lastly, I bought Popteen~ So happy~~

That's all for now... *Sorry if this post, my typing a lil bit out, because something in my mind keep bothering me.. ><*

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