Omg, how long have I not updated my blog.. (=A=) Its already 3rd day of the new year and now only I update, ain't I good.. XDD Anyway, cut all the crabs... Straight to the point. XD 1st of all...... Happy New Year to everybody~~ Though is kinda too late but oh well, at least something than nothing right? (=w=) All the best in this new year and may everybody wishes come true~~~~

Ok, I was suppose to post about CF 2010, and again, I am late.. (>_>) But whatever... XD Our group in CF was epic~ Well honest speaking I didn't expect to be that epic. XD And didn't expect that we can get a whole group of Kuroshitsuji~ I really want to say thank you to all my Kuroshitsuji group for everything... *bows* If I hadn't know you guys, I don't think this will happen.. *cries*

Our Kuroshitsuji group~ This shot was an official shot of CF.. I am really grateful and honor... (><)
Ciel Phantomhive - Me
Sebastian Michaelis - Jian Leng
Elizebeth Middleford - Black Catz
Madam Red - Cheryl
Lau - Kai
Ranmau - Mel
Maylene - Misaki
Finnian - Jean

Few more other shots of our group~

Solo picture of myself as Ciel Phantomhive. I love this shot very much.. Hehehe.. (^^)|||

A shot of me and Cheryl when Cheryl - Madam Red trying to bully me - Ciel. (=.=) I know I look funny and "hey, c'mon, Ciel don't smile ok..???" (=3=) Even BlackCatz - Elizabeth is laughing beside me.. XDDD

Me and BlackCatz~ Love this shot too~
Jamie and Blade came to CF too~~~~!!!! *fangirl screaming* I am a fan of Jamie and Blade and all of their members. Coincidentally, Jamie was cosplaying as Ciel too and Blade was cosplaying Sebastian~ Both of them looks awesome, as usual~ And they actually bought a friend along, her name is Shiroro~

This is Jean(left) and Shiroro(right)~ Though I don't know who was she cosplaying, but she is very handsome too~ <3 I should have talk to her more that day~ (>A<)
Later on, our group and Jamie and Blade decided to have a group photo for fun, but ended up we started posing for quite a long time because the camera non-stop flashing.. XDDD

I love this shot so much, everybody looks gorgeous in here~ XDD Hahaha... *perasan*

We felt it was too bored, so Misaki - Maylene did an epic pose~ XDD Well, is a usual thing that Maylene always falls down~

And that's all for 1st day CF, lazy to type more.. So skip to 2nd day~ :D I was suppose to cosplay Eva from Metal Gear Solid:Snake Eater and as for Catz, she was suppose to cosplay Hoshino Utau from Shugo Chara, but because me and Catz have a Lolita Runway Show in the morning, so we both wore Lolita there 1st but then after the show, me and her felt lazy to change, so we both decided to just wear Lolita.. XDD

But Cheryl and Misaki cosplayed the 2nd day~ Cheryl is cosplaying Kuroki from Blazer Drive, while Misaki is doing her OC~ :D They both look awesome and cool~!

My dear, Emmanuel, cosplay as my favorite charater~ Ulquiorra from Bleach~ Love~

During The Lolita Runway Show, BlackCatz went up on stage 1st. She was so cute~ And yet very elegant and mature too.. Well, that's is something very rare to see from BlackCatz when she is elegant and mature.. XDD

After her, was me~ :) I want to thank you BlackCatz for borrowing me her AP jsk, blouse, socks, headdress and hairwig.. If she hadn't borrow me, I won't be so cute.. XDD *perasan* 

A shot of me and BlackCatz~

I love this shot so much because is 3 of us~ Though is a weird combination, but still I LOVE it~ I love BlackCatz and Cheryl sooooo much~ (>3<)chuu~~

Me and my dear, Emmanuel~ Love him so much too~

So now, CF 2010 is officially over, I am so excited bout next year CF already~~~ Once again, I want to say thank you, BlackCatz, Cheryl, Emmanuel, Jian Leng, Misaki, Mel, Jean, Kai, Jamie, Blade, Anthony and Malini and all the others for this awesome memories~ And also thank you too all photographers for all those awesome pictures too~ THANK YOU~!

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