I found this picture not ago and love it very much~! This is what we call friendship forever man!! >3<><

*keep looking at the picture* Reminds me so much of my sisters.. T^T I miss them so much thanks to this picture.. >< haha.. I wonder how are they today? XD 1 should be busy with work and the other 1 should be busy counting the money for the customer.. haha..

I have beem emo lately (as you can see in my previous post) == Now I am trying to gain back myself up again and stay positive again.. If not I am going to stay inside the stupid pit hole forever if I give up just like that..

I must stay strong! >:)


Today I try my best to remember everything, but I fail..
I keep on reminding myself I must not forget anymore, but I fail..
My memory slowly fading away..
I am scare..
My mind is getting fragile and so is my eyes..

And then again..
I must not think too much..
This is what I am suppose to remember too..
But I forget, again..


I am missing something today.. I felt so imperfect.. It's not that I am sad or what, but is just that I am missing someone very much.. Not only someone, but also the times we spend together..

- We were once an enemy, I hate them so much until I can curse them to death. But now, I can't even believe myself that I love them more than anything I could ask for.. My whole life change when they change.. I don't know how to express in words nor in a long story, I just know I felt grateful for having my brothers along by side all awhile.. -

Thanks bro...

Thanks to my dearest sisters too for giving the love I once lost..

Lately, I have a fear of something too.. I am so scare of losing one of my senses.. I am also very scare of losing my mind..


New hair for new year~ I finally get the chance to blond my hair~ Though is not really as blond as I wanted, but I am very happy already~ ><

Being SS after having new hair~ hahahaha... XD

Not having a good rest lately and have been thinking too much of unnecessarily things and because of it, now I am having a little headache.. ==''' Must sleep early today.. Nights and sweet dreams~
I have been SO busy lately.. T.T Don't know to actually say busy or what.. But after having a job, I am so lazy, tired and not having enough sleeps because of having so many stupid dreams...!! Then I still need to help my mom to do the spring house cleaning for CNY (Chinese New Year).. Grrrrhhh!!@%@#

So for now, I just post my "latest" poem (which means very long time ago) that I wrote for 1 of my friend.. Do comment if you have~ :D So I can improve~ Thanks ya~

Your rain

Dancing alone in the rain again,

Again, the rain keep falling down,

Only your sweet sugar scent remains to dance with me,

Shower me with that love you once gave me.

I have never wanted to say goodbye,

Deep in my heart at least I try.

‘I love you’ is all I can say,

Forcing you to stay is not the way.

Though you have left me now,

The reminiscence of us is still playing well.

Do you have someone now that loves you more than me?

You should have known my love better,

We have been always together,

If we took some time apart,

Maybe you will know my heart.

On the pathway of the city,

Busy people going nowhere see me soak in the rain,

No compassion,

No impression,

No emotion,

Nothing at all matters,

My consciousness was gone,

I am like a flower in the dark,

Waiting for a lonely death.

Happy Birthday to my dearest Ruki again!! Before today ends, I want to wish again.. ><

So.. Before Ruki's birthday... It was mine.. 28 Jan.. Because my birthday falls on the weekdays, so I can't call my any of my sisters to celebrate together and so I celebrate with my mom and uncle, Charles.. ^^ Because that day, I was given a 1 day "princess" title, so I can say where I want to have dinner and I suggested I want to eat Japanese food~ And there, my uncle bought me to Hana-zen.. (That's the restaurant name..) When we sat down, the waitress gave us the menu and when we open the menu, there were SO many choices until I don't know what to order.. @__@ So ended up each of us just choose a simple set meal..then..the table was filled with food!!!! No space to even put anymore things..

Here is the picture~~ Looking at it makes me hungry too!! XD

After dinner, we went back home.. And my mom bought me a Just Heavenly's cake!!!! (Just Heavenly is a bakery shop that sell the best cake ever!!) My mom knew I love strawbery nd cheese cake, so she thought this was a perfect choice for me.. And YES, IT IS a perfect choice!!!

The cake is very small..because we knew that we won't be able to finish if we bought a big cake.. ^^'''

Though my birthday this year was the most different birthday, but still I really enjoy it..

Then today, because it's a holiday for Catz and also because I am working in the weekends already, so for us to meet is very hard, that's why we plan to meet up. But Cheryl can't join us because it was not a holiday for her.. T.T

Me and Catz actually planned to go cinema together, but when we saw the timing wasn't really good for us, so weirdly, Catz suggested she wants to go karaoke.. == Honestly, I can't believe she would ended up love to go sing karaoke..

It was fun.. We sang a lot of song... and of course include Marilyn Manson's songs~ XD We love Marilyn Manson's songs!!! Hahahahaahahahah....

After singing, we went to Starbucks and sat there while waiting for our parents to fetch us home.. We chatted non-stop.. And because we sang too many love songs in karaoke, we both were so in the lovey-dovey mood.. that we talked about our husbands non-stop.. Can you believe we chatted the same topic for 2/3 hours..?? haha... Damn funny to even just think about it..