Continuously 4 days, I am in heaven~~~~ Because I can get to eat my favorite cake from "Just Heavenly"~!!!!! We bought Durian cheese cake, Black Forest, Peach cake and Apple crumble cheese cake.. 1 day each cake~ Its so damn delicious!!! XD Plus, to get the extra taste, I drink my favorite tea - Earl Grey tea too~

Just like in the heaven~~~


Then lately, tried a new make up~ It actually came out quite nice, but not as nice as I expected though.. Hehehe.. The teardrop part is damn hard, I have correct it a lot of times to get the right 1.. So with all my effort, it came out...

Like this~ XD

This is a candid shot~! XD


Lately, I have notice something.. Something that I must really screw into my brain.. Which is.. A secret.. hahaha.. Hmm.. But will try to put into words..

As time passes by, I found out that if you and your best friends are so call the "really true friendship" type, you both also have something that is REALLY annoying part you both don't like about each other.. Its actually hard to swallow but that's the fact, nobody is perfect. Even though maybe your best friend has saved you from a car crash or what-so-ever, she maybe imperfect too..

So what I am trying to say here is, if you and her are best friends, no matter "what-the-hell happen" or "why-the-hell-is-she-doing-this-to-me" or "why-is-she-sometimes-so-damn-f**king-annoying", the bonds between you and her are still there.. We are humans, so better don't expect perfect from your friends is the best.. Don't expect she will give you something when you give her something. Don't expect she will love you more if you love her more.. Is best that you love her for being who she is, she may be cold to you, but maybe that's how she show love in your friendship~ Comes to think of it, its actually better too, because your friendship is real rather than having some fake friends just trying to act good in front of you.. (I hate those friends very much..) And if you found out that she keeps lying to you, then that is a different story.. Don't be silly and believe everything she says and accept her for lying to you.. In a friendship, lies are forbidden.. (That's what I think..)

Either way, I think this applies in couples too.. I means should say every relationship in life, don't care family, friends or partners..

I think I have talk too much.. Hehehe.. Just trying to express myself.. I cherish my friends very much, they are too important to me until my mom gets angry because of some certain things.. Hahaha.. I feel like I can't live without them.. Hahaha.. Sometimes I feel silly for thinking this way, but I myself just can't help it, I love them~ Hahahahha..

Loves you both the most~


Last friday went to Driving exam.. And guess what? I FAIL!!!! TTATT It was so unfair, I fail because my side mirror touches the yellow line a bit, and is really just a little bit~~!!!! DAMN!!!


Then lately, I took some pictures of my Glen.. He is so cute~~ Muacks~~

I took this picture when he is looking at my Ruki's picture.. And then, Glen decided to do something..

He decided to post like him.. Hahahaha.. XD So cute~~~

After doing a pose like Ruki.. I took some other random pictures of Glen.. Lazy to post all out again.. So just post a few..

Oh my Glen, I will forever love you and take care of you~~~~ CHUUU~~~~


My Lament for Her...

I close all my senses just to try and feel this sorrowful yet melodious weeping from her in this very moment.

She sings loudly and prays it can be heard.

She turns herself away from everything because she knows it’s hopeless.

She fell,

she cry,

she is hurt, but she have no idea what is the reason.

Nothing has change since the day she was born, until now you can still see her eyes are in red and her soul is crying loud under the sewers.

Feeling so miserable and distress, she doesn’t know the meaning of love or hate, all she knew was torment in her life.

I weep when she cries,

I was hurt when she is in pain,

I could feel her small hands reaching out for someone’s hand, struggling those pains inside her pounding heart.

Dyed in indigo, the sunrise and sunset couldn’t be seen, try to turn and run away from nothingness in this life was her only option.

The pain inside her heart was so fragile, with just a touch, it will be in pieces.

Slowly, slowly, the air inside her lungs are getting thinner,

she try very hard grasping for air,

searching for something to stand on her feet,

but she fell, again… harder this time.

I stare in despair, helplessly.

The pain she felt stabbed me so deeply into my heart, which it was like bleeding endlessly inside my heart, causing me to feel what she is feeling too.

I fell down on my knees,

I tried to crawl to her,

I want to give her a warm hug before she leaves this meaningless world.

But suddenly everything just black out, I opened my eyes and realize she was already gone… gone long time ago.

My tears are streaming down,

I still mourn for her dead.

I took out a pen and started to write a lament,

just to remember her last beautiful and cheerful smile before she left my embrace to another better world.


This 2 weeks have been happening a lot of things.. Until I am so busy and lazy to update my blog.. == Now I have start my work again, so will less update my blog..

Anyway, just few days ago, I went out with my father~ :D I miss my father very much~~ We went for dinner as usual then drove around KL area then when we saw Istana Budaya, I have no idea why we decided to went down to have a look..

Then coincidencely, they were having a Korean Music and Dance exhibition and SO luckily, we can go into the musical for free~ It's SO different from the Japanese or Chinese culture, I should say.. Damn different.. ==

Here's some pictures.. Lazy to post all.. hehehe...

This is Istana Budaya night view version~ Hahahaha..

There is my dad standing, no should actually say walking inside the hall.. He didn't notice I was taking picture, if not, we might have just run away.. Cute father~ Hahahah..

This is the musical~

This is the night view of KL.. Very beautiful.. Took this picture in Titiwangsa garden.. See the "look-a-like" flower thing in the middle of the picture? Is actually a fountain~


Then last week~ I finally got my GLEN!!!! OMG!!! Damn happy~ He is SO like a son to me.. Now I felt like I go home with a reason~ Which is to accompany my son~ But lately because I said earlier that I am so busy, so no time.. *sob* Sorry Glen... *hugs tight*

This is my Glen before I did the grand opening.. XD

Me and Glen~~ Loves Glen~ Muacks~~

And lastly... I cut short my hair~~~~!!!!!! Is really a total different style.. I have never tried this kind of hair style before in my whole entire life..

This is the picture of it should be look like..

So this picture is when I am waiting for my hairstylist...

Then.. After bleaching hair.. *sob* It was so sad because to see my hair is in"pain" because of the bleach..

Everything is done~ See the difference..?? XD

This is how it really looks like... 1 side short, 1 side long.. highlighted in grey color and chocolate brown as base color...

Okie~ That's all for now.. Nothing to write anymore.. Hahahah.. Ciao~


Ok. yesterday I went to meet.... TOKIO HOTEL~!!!! OMFG!!! It's really a damn nice experience.. I have never meet a celeb before that near.. And furthermore, a band I like..

Early in the morning, me and Catz have start waiting for their autography session.. We went there 1 1/2 hours earlier but already filled with fans.. But still, luckily we were quite near.. As long promise that we can get the autograph, because the time limit is only 1 hour..

Camwhore when waiting.. Me and Catz were non stop talking about the GazettE even though we were in Tokio Hotel's autograph session.. Hahaha.. We were thinking, "OMG, when we go Japan and waiting for the GazettE's concert, the queue might be longer than this 10 times.." And there starts our conversation....
When Tokio Hotel came out, all the fans, including me and Catz were shouting like hell.. Hahaha.. But we still can't compete other fan's shouting and screaming as if they saw an angel.. ==

So while waiting for our turn, taking some pictures from afar because they don't allow to take picture when you get there.. And the security guards are DAMN scary.. =A=

This picture.. You can see Tom.. Though its kinda hard to see..

This is GEORG!!! He is so handsome!! My fav member among them.. (But of coz still loyal to my Rookie.. Hahaha..)

This is Bill~ Catz favourite..

Their group picture before they go..

After all the screaming and shouting.. Me, Catz and Kye Lin(meet her in last year's Harajuku Fashion Show) went to a herbal shop to drink some nice and cooling stuffs to get ready for that night's concert.. XD

This is Gui Lin Gao.. XD Very delicious~ That's what I order though.. Hahaha

So skip all the whole day story, jump straight to the concert.. We went there 2 hours earlier to wait for the gate to open.. Which means at 4pm, we have already start waiting because they stated the concert starts at 6pm... So while waiting, we were standing and its so damn hot then suddenly rain... So we were "bake" then "soak".. It was really a damn hard time to wait.

Then when its already 6pm, the gate was not open yet and we, fans were damn angry like riots trying to push down the gate. And because of it, the crew cannot stand us so just open the door and we run like hell to stand in front of the stage.. They were people fell down and all sorts of thing happen, example, drop something and bla bla.. So back to us, unfortunately, me ans Catz were standing quite behind, and furthermore, Catz's leg were very pain so we decided to come out...

Took a rest and waiting for Tokio Hotel's turn then only we go near to stage.. While waiting, we meet some new friends from Singapore.. :)

So skip the story again.. TOKIO HOTEL LIVE~! It was damn nice~! Damn high too!! Here's some live picture I manage to took from my view.. And I was so lucky that Georg was standing this side!!! Though he didn't look at my side.. ==

Can't took any pictures of the drummer because I can't see him from my view..

And that's the end of the day.. Damn tired.. But damn nice experience~

Here's a picture of my CD cover with signature!!!! *kiss*

Then my Ayumi Hamasaki - Rock 'n' Roll Circus!! OMG!! I have been waiting this for so long!! Ayumi is so damn good!!! AYUMI SAIKOU!!!
This is a free booklet.. Ayumi is so pretty in every angle!! *nosebleed* Hahaha..

So that's all for now~ Will update when I have the mood again.. XD