Lately, I have notice something.. Something that I must really screw into my brain.. Which is.. A secret.. hahaha.. Hmm.. But will try to put into words..

As time passes by, I found out that if you and your best friends are so call the "really true friendship" type, you both also have something that is REALLY annoying part you both don't like about each other.. Its actually hard to swallow but that's the fact, nobody is perfect. Even though maybe your best friend has saved you from a car crash or what-so-ever, she maybe imperfect too..

So what I am trying to say here is, if you and her are best friends, no matter "what-the-hell happen" or "why-the-hell-is-she-doing-this-to-me" or "why-is-she-sometimes-so-damn-f**king-annoying", the bonds between you and her are still there.. We are humans, so better don't expect perfect from your friends is the best.. Don't expect she will give you something when you give her something. Don't expect she will love you more if you love her more.. Is best that you love her for being who she is, she may be cold to you, but maybe that's how she show love in your friendship~ Comes to think of it, its actually better too, because your friendship is real rather than having some fake friends just trying to act good in front of you.. (I hate those friends very much..) And if you found out that she keeps lying to you, then that is a different story.. Don't be silly and believe everything she says and accept her for lying to you.. In a friendship, lies are forbidden.. (That's what I think..)

Either way, I think this applies in couples too.. I means should say every relationship in life, don't care family, friends or partners..

I think I have talk too much.. Hehehe.. Just trying to express myself.. I cherish my friends very much, they are too important to me until my mom gets angry because of some certain things.. Hahaha.. I feel like I can't live without them.. Hahaha.. Sometimes I feel silly for thinking this way, but I myself just can't help it, I love them~ Hahahahha..

Loves you both the most~

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