My Lament for Her...

I close all my senses just to try and feel this sorrowful yet melodious weeping from her in this very moment.

She sings loudly and prays it can be heard.

She turns herself away from everything because she knows it’s hopeless.

She fell,

she cry,

she is hurt, but she have no idea what is the reason.

Nothing has change since the day she was born, until now you can still see her eyes are in red and her soul is crying loud under the sewers.

Feeling so miserable and distress, she doesn’t know the meaning of love or hate, all she knew was torment in her life.

I weep when she cries,

I was hurt when she is in pain,

I could feel her small hands reaching out for someone’s hand, struggling those pains inside her pounding heart.

Dyed in indigo, the sunrise and sunset couldn’t be seen, try to turn and run away from nothingness in this life was her only option.

The pain inside her heart was so fragile, with just a touch, it will be in pieces.

Slowly, slowly, the air inside her lungs are getting thinner,

she try very hard grasping for air,

searching for something to stand on her feet,

but she fell, again… harder this time.

I stare in despair, helplessly.

The pain she felt stabbed me so deeply into my heart, which it was like bleeding endlessly inside my heart, causing me to feel what she is feeling too.

I fell down on my knees,

I tried to crawl to her,

I want to give her a warm hug before she leaves this meaningless world.

But suddenly everything just black out, I opened my eyes and realize she was already gone… gone long time ago.

My tears are streaming down,

I still mourn for her dead.

I took out a pen and started to write a lament,

just to remember her last beautiful and cheerful smile before she left my embrace to another better world.

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