Ok. yesterday I went to meet.... TOKIO HOTEL~!!!! OMFG!!! It's really a damn nice experience.. I have never meet a celeb before that near.. And furthermore, a band I like..

Early in the morning, me and Catz have start waiting for their autography session.. We went there 1 1/2 hours earlier but already filled with fans.. But still, luckily we were quite near.. As long promise that we can get the autograph, because the time limit is only 1 hour..

Camwhore when waiting.. Me and Catz were non stop talking about the GazettE even though we were in Tokio Hotel's autograph session.. Hahaha.. We were thinking, "OMG, when we go Japan and waiting for the GazettE's concert, the queue might be longer than this 10 times.." And there starts our conversation....
When Tokio Hotel came out, all the fans, including me and Catz were shouting like hell.. Hahaha.. But we still can't compete other fan's shouting and screaming as if they saw an angel.. ==

So while waiting for our turn, taking some pictures from afar because they don't allow to take picture when you get there.. And the security guards are DAMN scary.. =A=

This picture.. You can see Tom.. Though its kinda hard to see..

This is GEORG!!! He is so handsome!! My fav member among them.. (But of coz still loyal to my Rookie.. Hahaha..)

This is Bill~ Catz favourite..

Their group picture before they go..

After all the screaming and shouting.. Me, Catz and Kye Lin(meet her in last year's Harajuku Fashion Show) went to a herbal shop to drink some nice and cooling stuffs to get ready for that night's concert.. XD

This is Gui Lin Gao.. XD Very delicious~ That's what I order though.. Hahaha

So skip all the whole day story, jump straight to the concert.. We went there 2 hours earlier to wait for the gate to open.. Which means at 4pm, we have already start waiting because they stated the concert starts at 6pm... So while waiting, we were standing and its so damn hot then suddenly rain... So we were "bake" then "soak".. It was really a damn hard time to wait.

Then when its already 6pm, the gate was not open yet and we, fans were damn angry like riots trying to push down the gate. And because of it, the crew cannot stand us so just open the door and we run like hell to stand in front of the stage.. They were people fell down and all sorts of thing happen, example, drop something and bla bla.. So back to us, unfortunately, me ans Catz were standing quite behind, and furthermore, Catz's leg were very pain so we decided to come out...

Took a rest and waiting for Tokio Hotel's turn then only we go near to stage.. While waiting, we meet some new friends from Singapore.. :)

So skip the story again.. TOKIO HOTEL LIVE~! It was damn nice~! Damn high too!! Here's some live picture I manage to took from my view.. And I was so lucky that Georg was standing this side!!! Though he didn't look at my side.. ==

Can't took any pictures of the drummer because I can't see him from my view..

And that's the end of the day.. Damn tired.. But damn nice experience~

Here's a picture of my CD cover with signature!!!! *kiss*

Then my Ayumi Hamasaki - Rock 'n' Roll Circus!! OMG!! I have been waiting this for so long!! Ayumi is so damn good!!! AYUMI SAIKOU!!!
This is a free booklet.. Ayumi is so pretty in every angle!! *nosebleed* Hahaha..

So that's all for now~ Will update when I have the mood again.. XD

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