Today I just wrote a romantic poem for no reasons.. Maybe is because after hearing some romantic songs from sombody... Hahaha.. Thanks to Catz for that romantic song though, now I am in a lovey dovey mood.. XD

And just now I was reading his blog and found out he loves tiramisu chocolates too~ I love them very much too~ *starting to perasan* Hahaha..

So anyway, here's the poem.. In my own opinion, not really good.. It's been so long since I last write a poem, furthermore a love poem.. Is just so not like me.. So might still want to change a bit if i think it is needed to be change.. But for now, just post it out for fun~ XD

My Secret Love

A wish in my heart, a faith in my soul
A love for you that will never go
I try my best to express these feelings to you
But it's just so hard to put into phrase.

Slowly, these feelings grow
Exhausted and miserable, but still anticipating
You will one day know how I feel
That you are part of my life in some ways.

Time will go on, seasons will change
But one thing will still remain
My love for you that will never be replace
Like a rhythm in my heart that will always play.

Your warmth, your love, your embrace
How much I hope that I can feel
Even if it's in my dream
I will have chosen not to wake up and let it continue.

If only he can read this...

*above drawing was not drawn by me, found it in photobucket, so credits to whoever draw this and thanks*

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