Trying new make up for myself lately, I wanted to try to make up like 1 of Ayumi Hamasaki's movie clip - Ourselves.. (Because I want to cosplay her if I have the time to prepare everything.. >3<) When I 1st saw this make up, I thought, "Oh no, I am going to take more than 1 hour to finish this eye make up.." But funnily, I finish this make up in just 45 minutes.. Hahaha.. Of course I didn't put on foundation and stuff, I only focus on the eye part...

It was hard at 1st though, because need to balance both side of the eye make up.. I did few times wrong, but after some correction, it came out nicely~ :D

Here's the shot~ Actually I took a lot of shots, but lazy to upload all of them.. ^^'''

Without photoshop... This shot is to remind myself how to make up next time~ (I am still wearing my Academy uniform - DIVA PRODUCTION~ hahaha..)

And with photoshop... Big difference right?? XD

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