Okie, here's all my Gala's Night picture~ Finally got it from Cheryl~~ This is the stage for the models to show off their make up from our seniors~
Before the shows start, of course there are always the host to spice up the intro part~ So here's my all time favorite MTV's host, Denise!!! She is so pretty and cute!! And tall too.. =3=

After the intro, there's is a singer to sing for us too~ I am not sure who is she, but ok, nice voice~ But because I am not into all this love songs, so I am not interested..

After the performance from the singer, here starts the show~ This is the 1st model to come out from the stage.. I love her skirt very much!! Looks so like fairy-kei~ And her style is very unique.. Very boyish but got the feminine feel too~ :D

This consider 1 of my favorite make up of this theme~

If I am not wrong, this theme is call the "Eco-lovers" make up.. Eh.. wait.. erm.. *thinking* grrghh!!! I can't remember... Whatever.. == So the next style~ Guro!! (But that's not what they call it, because I can't remember again..) Hehehe...

This is my favorite make up from this theme~ I even love her socks!! If only I can steal from her.. XD Its a very classic socks, like those from Innocent World. Her sides are roses and ribbons print~!

This is their group picture in a box!! XD
The next make up theme, "Alien"!! This make up is really super weird!! But in some sense, nice~ I kinda love it~ Hehehe...

This is my favorite make up from this theme.. I love the shoulder part very much.. Very creative~ Sometimes I wonder how do they to their hair so straight up.. ==

And the last part, models walking out with their make up artist~ I only upload 1 picture though..

Stephy and her model.. She is so cute in this picture..

And then, results time.. All the seniors waiting patiently and hoping for their names to be called...

This is my teacher, Yein.. She is a very nice teacher~ Anyway, she was kinda blur when going up on stage to give those prizes to the representative to give out the prize.. XD Which actually makes her very MOE~This is my another teacher, Carine.. She looks like 1 of the singer from my favorite band Perfume.. == Hahaha, she is very nice too~

And that's the end of the show... It was very crowded that time.. Because everybody were busy going home already..

Here are some pictures I manage to took with my friends~

This is me and my very good friend, Nada.. Her theme today was Barbie~ Her eyelashes are blue in color, very pretty~~

Jinnie and me~

Denise and me~!!!! I am totally in love with this picture!! Denise expression is so cute!!! *faints* Hahaha!! She even compliment me saying I am cute!!! XD *being perasan*

Me and my favorite senpai, Bibi!! She is also very pretty ne~

And before I went back home, suddenly all my seniors and teachers went up stage to take photo~ All my seniors and teachers so pretty and nice!!!

And that's the end~ (I wonder how many times have I say "pretty, cute and nice" in this post... ==)

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