My long awaited Gazette Fanclub finally is here~!!! *play the hero songs* I have waited for 5-6 months for this to come.. But, actually it wasn't a good timing when it arrive.. == Because....

(Here's the story) Yesterday I went to driving class. And when I was driving half way, suddenly Black Catz called and told me that she have received her Gazette FC.. I actually burst into tears when I heard this.. I was thinking, "why of all times you come today when I am not in the house.." TAT There and then, I lost my concentration of driving, so my instructor told me to take a rest.. ==

So after my driving class, I went home trying my super best to persuade my mom to fetch me to post office to take it even though the paper that the postman left for me telling me to take tomorrow.. And I was lucky my parcel was there already and I took it~ YAY~! I actually expected this Gazette FC might come at another 2 more months, because mostly of the people waited for 7 months.. So me and Catz are consider lucky~ :)

Here's my lovely Gazette Fanclub card~ I got the gold color pouch~~~~ which means RUKI~!!!!! <3 <3 <3 Hohohohoho!!!!!

I am so happy right now until I am speechless~~ HOHOHOHOOHOHOHO!!!!!! *having "a" disorder* haha, only Catz know what I am saying.. XD

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