My 1st drawing

Yahoo~~ Managa to use photoshop successfully~~ (Thanks to Cheryl~!!) XD Though is not really nice, but I am very proud of myself.. Hahaha!!!

This is the original outline drawing.. ^^

The magic of photoshop.. >w<

This is another version... Can spot the difference right?? I don't know which is better, so post this 2 of it.. =3

That's all for now.. WeeHoo~~ Continue to pratice my photoshop~~ XD


Outing with Black Catz

Today went out again to Mid Valley together with Black Catz.. XD But Cheryl can't join us.. T^T Miss 1 out again.. =3= Always the 3 of us stick together like an elephant glue or more worst, with cement.. XD

Anyway, back to the topic, we reach Mid Valley about 11, then buy 1 ticket for 'Imagine That' and 1 ticket for 'Where got ghost?'.

'Imagine That' was a very nice and movie~ Recommend to watch~~!! Love Eddie Murphy too~~ X3

Then right after 'Imagine That', me and Black Catz watch 'Where got ghost?'. Freaking funny and the moral values are very true.. Nice to watch.. But because I myself seldom watch horror movies, so even though this movie is very3 funny, I am still kinda scare and keep hiding behind Black Catz.. =3=

After all the movies, we both went back home at about 5. Before that, we never forget camwhore~~ XD

Me and her so-call VK post.. =3= Hahaha.. XD

Happy Day~~ Just that Cheryl wasn't here today.. T^T But it's ok.. Let's go out next time together again, Cheryl~~ XD


Thank you very much, my dearest...

My heart sings along the rhythm of this sorrowful melody. I can’t seem to change the tune, my tears fell non stop. Slowly, my lips follow the melody and sings along too. What was my name? I have forgotten. What am I thinking now, I do not know. All I know was, I must keep walking on this unknown road until I find my way out. I look high up to the blue sky and remember the bright smile you have give to me, then I remind myself, I must stay strong for you. But how long can I see this blue sky, it will rain someday too. I was worry, very worry. I try not to think too much and start running, as fast as I could, so I will run out from this road before the rain starts. Suddenly, 1 drop from the sky stops me from running, I know I can’t get out from here before the rain starts. I am out of breath, I fell down and cry. I look high up to the sky again, the rain slowly wash away my tears. Then I know, maybe because you don’t not want to see me cry, so that’s why you pray the rain for me, to wash my tears away, my agony I have been suffering. I smile and start walking again, enjoying the cold but yet warm rain on to myself that you give to me.

Today, suddenly fear of my own future, but thanks to my mom and my sisters, I am back to normal.. XD My mom taught me a lot today and Cheryl told me something very3 meaningful then get to meet Black Catz suddenly in Mid Valley too.. >w<



My word now is - Sad

Today went to Cheryl's house for fun~~ Was suppose to be happy, but don't know why, always my emo side conquer me.. =.=

I will never trust LOVE anymore, really there is nothing but sweet talk. Maybe is just me being so emo right now, but really, LOVE is so fake.. At 1st, I thought I will never LOVE anymore, I was so strong with my words. Then I found hope and fall for it. But it was a very beautiful lie..
Now am quite sad.. But lucky my sisters are always with me. Thanks to my sisters, I didn't really fell that much into it.. From tomorrow onwards, I will be ok.. I guess..


I hate love

Today I draw a new drawing~~ XD This drawing started when I actually wanted to draw a flower, then suddenly don't know what happen, my hands start drawing human anatomy.. *laugh* And then, ta-da~ Here is the drawing.. XD I name this drawing, 'Get out of me'..

Is this what we call love? Blood splashes every corner in this room, only tears and hope was able to see in the scene. I saw you standing outside of this room, watching me as I try to crawl out from this bloody, dark pitch hole. You did not put any sympathy on me, you were with your friend, laughing at me. I did not know what to do, my heart was bleeding, I cried out black tears. My memories left me untouched, what I have been hoping through all my life was this sweet yet bitter desire, filling up this abandoned love in my heart. Love is nothing but just a sweet word, false hope and lies. Today you will feel it, the next day it’s gone. I wipe my tears and paint this love in my heart into black. Forever I will not love, but hate.


Hang out with Elaine and May

Today right after school, went out to have lunch with Elaine and her cousin sister, May. Because after this trial test, our burden also lighten.. So, we planned to so-called celebrate.. *laugh* Took the bus with Elaine to her house, meet up with May, change clothes and LET'S GO~~!! XD

These are some pictures taken when the outing.. XD

Elaine and May.. Both of them look so alike.. No wonder they are call cousin sisters.. Haha.. XD

Is that sausage really that nice??? Why want to keep looking at it?? Hahaha..

Me and May~~ ^3^

3 people together = love to eat~~ XD

This is a so-called human face made by us.. The hands are the hair, the price tag stick on the table are the eyes, california roll and onigiri are the ears, sausage is the nose and a pack of sushi is the mouth.. Haha.. XD


What a day...

Today my uncle will be going back to Australia for 2 weeks.. My house is going to be very silent again.. Lonely and empty.. Anyway, back to topic *slaps myself for being emo* the trip to the airport, my uncle bought me an ice-cream.. XD He loves to buy ice-cream for me..

Thanks for the ice-cream, Charles..!! Take care in Australia, will miss you!! T_____T



*sigh* I am so weird today.. I am thinking about how to catch a fish in a pool where there is no fish.. I kept thinking and thinking... Finding for solution... Finding for a way... *laugh* And the conclusion was there is impossible to find a way... Unless you are so eager to catch a fish in THIS pool, then by hook or by crook, I am sure, everybody will know what to do...

Today, there is a friend of mine, telling me his problem about his love life. Should I say he is a coward, or maybe he is just so in love that he don't want to ruin the relationship with her beloved... Love is just so not fair.. Isn't it... You want it, but you were scare that the person you love might reject you, but if you don't go for it, then is a 'bye bye' too...

Whatever.. Love is just so not me, except my 'husbands' *laugh* For now, I want to think of my family, sisters and friends...

Love you, my dearest sisters, Black Catz and Cheryl... *hugs tight* >w<


Happy and Sad.. T_____T

Hahahahahahahahahaha.... XD the Gazette's new single is coming out soon!!! And get to see their new preview thanks to my sister told me this afternoon... Mwahahaha.. But now the problem is, I have no more money to buy any of their album or single or even magazine... T^T wah~~~ *cry out loud*

Anyway, *wipe the tears away* my husband is still as handsome as usual.. hahaha.. XD But watching their new PV, he looks kinda fat.. =3= hahaha... And ya, take care of yourself, Ruki~!! Wish you get well soon~!!! >.< *pray*

Uruha.. look kinda like a girl here.. haha

Kai~!!! New hairstyle~!!! Nice~!! >w<

Reita.. Nothing much have change.. ^^'''

Aoi doesn't look like Aoi here.. Looks cool... O.O

And now.. The sad news... Antic Cafe might be going to disband... Though they say is just for awhile, I scare it might be forever... They are my favourite band too~!!! MIKU~~!!!! My another husband... T^T

This is their new album cover... I want to buy their new album too... wah~~!!!! *cry out loud* Miku is handsome tooooo~~!!!



I can hear your voice when you call,
I can see your face when you smile,
But I wonder,
When I call you, can your hear?
When I smile to you, can you see?

Though I know I can't do anything,
Still, I will always stay by your side.

I will keep on walking until I meet you...

Always close to you...


Outing with my dearest sisters...

Today went to Time Square with my sisters again~!! XD We went as usual, no plans, nothing to do but just walk around and chat. Then we went KLCC (as usual too), and we saw......... the GazettE's art book~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L!!!! And the most beautiful thing was the price too.. T^T Me and Black Catz were so crazy until we jump around like a small kid got a balloon from a clown... *laugh* And as usual again, our eldest sister, Cheryl look at us as if she don't know us.. haha.. XD
Anyway, here are some pictures I took today. I love to take photo where ever I go, whatever I do. I love to take the moment that time... -^^-
Cheryl sipping some Auntie's Anne's drink...
And here, Black Catz is acting cute when I was going to take her picture.. XD

I love this picture~~!! Finally we 3 together again... X3

On the way back, was on the train and saw the scenery quite nice, so took a picture of it...

It was a nice and long day, sankyuu~~ Cheryl and Black Catz~~~!!! *hugs tight*


Hatred born from Sorrow

The mirror reflected my sadness and the tears I have felt for you. You have deceived me with your foolish games. Everything was nothing but a beautiful lie by a idiot bitch. I have suffered enough from your foolish games, now it’s your turn to be my puppet. I will be the puppet master behind the curtain, watching you slowly fall into deception, controlling you so you won’t be able to make any choices. Then your tears and scream that nobody will ever hear. Don’t blame me, it’s you who dig your own grave. Its you who give people hatred and anger. Its you who deserve to die. The last thing you would ever see before you leave is your own blood and the sins you have done, you can’t run away. Feel the torment and torture that the God will punish you, weep and cry in pain as long as you want, none will ever pity you.

In my life, I have never hated a person before, but this time, things change. My hatred towards this person is deeper than anything. Its too hard to clear away this animosity. This scar which this person have left in me can never be wash away...



Last Thursday was Black Catz birthday. So we went to Fullhouse and celebrate, and at the same time we do some photoshoot there.. *laugh* Because the interior there were really nice~~

Here are some of the photos.. I was actually going to do the stories, but since Cheryl has done doing it.. I myself is lazy to do it.. XD

On the way to Fullhouse~!! *the above picture, you can actually see Cheryl is pointing middle finger behind my mom* haha.. XD

Best Sisters forever~~!!! X3

This is what we have for our lunch, 1 thing bad about Fullhouse, the food there is not really nice.. >.< *no offence, just giving my honest opinion*

During the photoshoot...

So hot~~ =.=

Camwhore~~!! *black catz looks so scary inside...* haha.. XD

I was too boring.. *laugh* nice?? >w<

End our day by having Bak Kut Teh!!! haha.. XD so delicious~~~ Hmmm~~

27 August 09 was 1 of the happiest thing happen in my 2009~~

And again, Happy Belated Birthday~~!!! Sister~~!!! Loves ya~~!!!