Outing with Black Catz

Today went out again to Mid Valley together with Black Catz.. XD But Cheryl can't join us.. T^T Miss 1 out again.. =3= Always the 3 of us stick together like an elephant glue or more worst, with cement.. XD

Anyway, back to the topic, we reach Mid Valley about 11, then buy 1 ticket for 'Imagine That' and 1 ticket for 'Where got ghost?'.

'Imagine That' was a very nice and movie~ Recommend to watch~~!! Love Eddie Murphy too~~ X3

Then right after 'Imagine That', me and Black Catz watch 'Where got ghost?'. Freaking funny and the moral values are very true.. Nice to watch.. But because I myself seldom watch horror movies, so even though this movie is very3 funny, I am still kinda scare and keep hiding behind Black Catz.. =3=

After all the movies, we both went back home at about 5. Before that, we never forget camwhore~~ XD

Me and her so-call VK post.. =3= Hahaha.. XD

Happy Day~~ Just that Cheryl wasn't here today.. T^T But it's ok.. Let's go out next time together again, Cheryl~~ XD

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