Last Thursday was Black Catz birthday. So we went to Fullhouse and celebrate, and at the same time we do some photoshoot there.. *laugh* Because the interior there were really nice~~

Here are some of the photos.. I was actually going to do the stories, but since Cheryl has done doing it.. I myself is lazy to do it.. XD

On the way to Fullhouse~!! *the above picture, you can actually see Cheryl is pointing middle finger behind my mom* haha.. XD

Best Sisters forever~~!!! X3

This is what we have for our lunch, 1 thing bad about Fullhouse, the food there is not really nice.. >.< *no offence, just giving my honest opinion*

During the photoshoot...

So hot~~ =.=

Camwhore~~!! *black catz looks so scary inside...* haha.. XD

I was too boring.. *laugh* nice?? >w<

End our day by having Bak Kut Teh!!! haha.. XD so delicious~~~ Hmmm~~

27 August 09 was 1 of the happiest thing happen in my 2009~~

And again, Happy Belated Birthday~~!!! Sister~~!!! Loves ya~~!!!

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