Thank you very much, my dearest...

My heart sings along the rhythm of this sorrowful melody. I can’t seem to change the tune, my tears fell non stop. Slowly, my lips follow the melody and sings along too. What was my name? I have forgotten. What am I thinking now, I do not know. All I know was, I must keep walking on this unknown road until I find my way out. I look high up to the blue sky and remember the bright smile you have give to me, then I remind myself, I must stay strong for you. But how long can I see this blue sky, it will rain someday too. I was worry, very worry. I try not to think too much and start running, as fast as I could, so I will run out from this road before the rain starts. Suddenly, 1 drop from the sky stops me from running, I know I can’t get out from here before the rain starts. I am out of breath, I fell down and cry. I look high up to the sky again, the rain slowly wash away my tears. Then I know, maybe because you don’t not want to see me cry, so that’s why you pray the rain for me, to wash my tears away, my agony I have been suffering. I smile and start walking again, enjoying the cold but yet warm rain on to myself that you give to me.

Today, suddenly fear of my own future, but thanks to my mom and my sisters, I am back to normal.. XD My mom taught me a lot today and Cheryl told me something very3 meaningful then get to meet Black Catz suddenly in Mid Valley too.. >w<


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