Hatred born from Sorrow

The mirror reflected my sadness and the tears I have felt for you. You have deceived me with your foolish games. Everything was nothing but a beautiful lie by a idiot bitch. I have suffered enough from your foolish games, now it’s your turn to be my puppet. I will be the puppet master behind the curtain, watching you slowly fall into deception, controlling you so you won’t be able to make any choices. Then your tears and scream that nobody will ever hear. Don’t blame me, it’s you who dig your own grave. Its you who give people hatred and anger. Its you who deserve to die. The last thing you would ever see before you leave is your own blood and the sins you have done, you can’t run away. Feel the torment and torture that the God will punish you, weep and cry in pain as long as you want, none will ever pity you.

In my life, I have never hated a person before, but this time, things change. My hatred towards this person is deeper than anything. Its too hard to clear away this animosity. This scar which this person have left in me can never be wash away...

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