Happy and Sad.. T_____T

Hahahahahahahahahaha.... XD the Gazette's new single is coming out soon!!! And get to see their new preview thanks to my sister told me this afternoon... Mwahahaha.. But now the problem is, I have no more money to buy any of their album or single or even magazine... T^T wah~~~ *cry out loud*

Anyway, *wipe the tears away* my husband is still as handsome as usual.. hahaha.. XD But watching their new PV, he looks kinda fat.. =3= hahaha... And ya, take care of yourself, Ruki~!! Wish you get well soon~!!! >.< *pray*

Uruha.. look kinda like a girl here.. haha

Kai~!!! New hairstyle~!!! Nice~!! >w<

Reita.. Nothing much have change.. ^^'''

Aoi doesn't look like Aoi here.. Looks cool... O.O

And now.. The sad news... Antic Cafe might be going to disband... Though they say is just for awhile, I scare it might be forever... They are my favourite band too~!!! MIKU~~!!!! My another husband... T^T

This is their new album cover... I want to buy their new album too... wah~~!!!! *cry out loud* Miku is handsome tooooo~~!!!

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