New year is near.. Is just 3 more days from now.. What to do next year? I am still in a maze.. Lost and uncertain, but MAYBE knew where is the way out.. *sigh*

Life is always so many things to choose. Example, when you were lost, there are so many choices of road to get you out from this maze.. Keep choosing is your only option, if you choose wrong, then you MIGHT be forever stuck inside, but if you choose correctly, then you will get out from the maze without any trouble.. Not only to choose, are you strong, determine to walk out from this maze? If you are not, then forever you WILL be stuck..

Yesterday night, me, Black Catz and her sister were watching the GazettE Dim Scene concert in the middle of the night~ XD We did head bang and jumping around like there's no tomorrow.. The situation at that time was HIGH!! Really just like in the concert itself!! Especially when is the song is "Headache Man", because Ruki head bang until very funny, we all laugh until can't stop.. XD And then Uruha forgot to sing a part of the song.. XD Hahaha.. And the another funniest part was Black Catz sister was the most hyper!! She was really crazy jumping around, 1st she jumped to Black Catz then to me.. And still she didn't complain of any tired while the 2 of us are already half-dead.. OMG!! Me and Black Catz really are getting old.. Hahaha... XD

Here is Black Catz posing with her beloved hubby~ Uruha~ XD

Me with my beloved Ruki too~ >3<

Catz sister with her beloved Kai~~ X3

The clock pointing sharp 3 in the morning, only our "concert" was finish.. Our heads and bodies are really quarter dead this time.. Hahaha.. Was really a fun and unforgetable night!! X3


Merry Christmas everybody~~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!

Christmas is always the best thing for everybody, don't care malay, chinese or indian, we celebrate together.. Because everybody always love to have a gift from somebody.. XD

Finally my collection of visual kei stuff with Black Catz already more than 5!! Mwahahaha.. Very happy!! 5 the GazettE DVD and CD and 2 Antic Cafe's CD~~ haha, so happy!! Our next target is to get other visual kei's band like LM.C, Screw, Versailles and more~~ ^^ We are also collecting visual kei's magazine and Lolita's too~~ X3

Because Chirstmas is always a day to give your love ones presents, so I bought 5 Lolita items from Bodyline to give myself a present.. XD 1 JSK, 1 skirt, 2 blouse and 1 bag.. I love myself too much.. hahaha...


Comic Fiesta is over... And now my life looks kinda more bored.. Don't know what to do and still thinking... The only thing that 1st came into my mind was, "Hey, Yumi, start doing preparation for next year's cosplay~ And don't forget your guitar lessons, driving license and etc.."

But the worst thing now is, I am very LAZY!!! *hits myself* After this SPM thing, I am like a couch potato in the house, except last week was a very busy week... But now after CF too, I am so lazy... =3= *sigh* Better find something to do before I really rot in the house...

Christmas is near~~~ Everybody, early Merry Christmas wishes~~
My days after SPM, I am getting so lazy to even write something in my blog.. Hahaha.. I should say I am not free to write my blog.. == But since now got some time, let's write something.. X3

DEC 9 09,
The day where my SPM ends.. But before that, see what is my both friends reaction before the last test.. Hahaha.. XD
This is Tracy, eating her last bread before the exams starts.. Sighing what to do after SPM.. XD

And this here is Elaine, can you see how small her eyes are?? She was too excited until she didn't sleep the whole night.. Hahaha.. XD

Right after my SPM, I went home bath and then went to my friend's house to celebrate his birthday~ *I was so tired, but because promise is a promise, so no choice* =3=

DEC 11 09,
Went out with my sisters~ Finally, I have been waiting for this moment to arrive!! My outings with my sisters~~!! We spend our whole day together, I should say~ Hahaha.. Early in the morning, we've already meet up in Time Square, then went to KLCC to check out magazine then went to Mid Valley to watch 'The Christmas Carol'.

Now thinking back, I am amazed how we wear Lolita and Punk to walk the whole day without complaining how tired we are.. XD

DEC 12, 13 and 14,
Went up to Genting with Black Catz, my mom and Charles.. Was really3 very3 fun, the only thing was left was Cherly can't follow along.. T^T If she has follow us, I am sure it would be a lot more fun~~ >< onblur="try {parent.deselectBloggerImageGracefully();} catch(e) {}" href="http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_atYhUkb6SH8/Sye6EtByTjI/AAAAAAAAALM/8GkgoT9lDwA/s1600-h/DSC02884.JPG">
Charles looks so cute in this expression~~!!! Hahahah... XD(Above the 2 pictures are the expression of a satisfying meal.. Haha.. The stuff's there in Genting are really DAMN expensive.. That's why we must always be 'grateful' for the food and start taking pictures.. XD)

Then about 12, me and Black Catz were still in the hyper mode, so decided to go to Starbucks to have some drink~ At the same time, we watch a movie called DMC (Detroit Metal City) by using my mom's laptop.. It was damn funny!! Love that movie!! And I love how Kenichi shout too!! I can't believe he can sing so well in VK style~~ >3

Caught Black Catz camwhoring herself~~ Hahahaha..
Inside Ripley's Believe it or not... The stuffs inside are really so cool and will make your mind blown~!! Must go in if you love weird things~ But even if you don't, must try too~

Catz : AAHHHHH!!!

Hohohoho~~!!! XD



Today is the international Lolita day~~!! So 1st thing in my mind was hunt for cakes and ice-creams~ Hahaha.. XD Don't care calories, don't care fat, as long I can eat cakes and ice-creams~


Today went out with Cheryl and her brother to Tropicana City to so-called celebrate Lolita Day~ Because Cheryl's brother wanted to go to the arcade, so we followed... At 1st, I was thinking, how can a Lolita play stuff in there, Lolita must be polite and nice and "all those elegant woman's etiquette", but when I saw SILENT HILL THE ARCADE, I totally changed my mind and told Cheryl, let's go have some fun~ Hahaha.. It was damn cool!!! Silent Hill is the best!! Though I am not really used to the graphic, but still is Silent Hill, so still LOVE it~~~ >D

After playing Silent Hill, we went to play the ParaPara Dance.. Cheryl was so good~ Because looking at her playing was quite tempted, so decided to play.. But also thanks to Cheryl keep telling me to try~ ^^'''

Later then we went to Starbucks for some cakes~ weeee~~~ Finally, cakes~~ The cake was really nice~ Really have a lot of fun today, thanks to Cheryl and her brother.. The only sad thing was, Black Catz was not with us, if not, it would be much much more better~ ^^


And lately, I was totally in the Lolita and Visual kei mood... I need money to buy!!! Though manage to buy Antic Cafe's greatest album and now waiting for my 'baby' to arrive, but still not enough, I want their concert too.. >< *I know I am greedy but that's me* Hahaha... XD Miku is so handsome!! X3 Kya~~!!! I just love Antic Cafe and the GazettE so much!!! Especially Miku and Ruki.. >3<


Yay~!! I finally manage myself crossing over this tiring war (SPM), but is just day 2 and I still got 3 more weeks to go.. urgh... >< Must stay focus and study.. *Which I doubt myself is going to study because the subject I love is already over.. XD*

So, what have I been doing lately.. eh.. oh ya.. Black Catz introduce me a new jdrama and its damn nice!! I love the story, the character and the whole drama itself.. Its so touching, funny and a bit "under age scene"... Hahaha.. This drama is PERFECT~~!!! >D

Mendol ~Ikemen Idol~

Love this drama!!! XD


SPM is just 2 more days from now.. And I have been studying like hell.. Really like in HELL!!! >A< *its so not me when I say myself study, because I am really not the type who study.. My philosophy is always "Don't know, don't care, happy always", but now.. "Must know, must care, crying always"..* T^T

But, at the same time, I am also very happy because finally, I have been waiting for this moment to come.. After this dumb dumb SPM, I am free~~ Free like a bird~~ Like a kookaburra~~ Hahaha.. XD

So, from Wednesday onward, I must stay focus on my SPM and forget about everything which includes VK (My beloved Miku and Ruki.. T^T), Lolita, cosplay and with my sister's outing for now.. But I don't think I can, BUT still will try to especially stay away from my beloved.. (If not I will really lose focus and start daydreaming.. haha..)



I am back to my drawing mood~~!!! My hands just can't stop me from drawing... But coloring... *sigh* so hard and I don't have that patience to do that.. =3=

Lately, because me and Cheryl was writing out a story of 3 best friends, so that's why I felt like drawing the scene out~ ^^ It was really very hard because 1st, it's the Victorian era, which means the dresses are very puffy and stuff like that.. (But luckily, I am the 1 who loves to draw puffy dress and frills~ Hahaha... Just like Lolita~) 2nd, HUMAN ANATOMY!!! I hate this.. It's super hard~~ T____T But still trying to improve..

With all this "obstacles" in my way, but still I want to draw~ Because my hands just can't stop and the feeling of drawing is really so great~~ XD

Here are my "master-piece".. CHANG CHANG~~~ Hahaha.. =D

Inside the story, there's 3 very best friends.. Below this drawing, from left is Cheryl (black hair), Blair (with bonnet) and Olivia (hair tied ponytail)..

Each 1 of this best friends, of coz, they have their beloved partner~ XD Below this drawing.. From left is Kadyn and Cheryl..

From left, Travis and Blair...

From left, Olivia and Clement...

That's all for now... There's still more to come.. That's for sure~~ Hahahaha.. XD


Finally.. My dearest package is here~~ XD Meet up with Black Catz today in KLCC.. Catz bring along my - the GazettE single - Before I Decay plus a poster and a booklet (Thank you very much, Black Catz) and then, we went to Kinokuniya and take our pre-order, Neo Genesis (Main page is the GazettE too~~) Hahahaha~~~ XD

chang~ chang~~ Here is the wonderful package~~ X3

There are so lovely~~ Hahaha!!! Ruki is so so so cool~~ Love love Ruki-sama~ >3<

Because got new posters, took out the old wallpaper and change my whole wallpaper into a new look~~ Finally I got 5 big posters of my favourite idols on my wall!! Ayumi Hamasaki, the GazettE, Ruki and Kai..
Now, what's left is a big poster of ANTIC CAFE and MIKU!!!! ><


I have been spending my day today decorating my photo album and my sticker photo album~ And also sits in front of my laptop downloading songs~ Hahaha... And finally manage to download ONLY 1 song.. T^T Damn internet.. *kicks the modem*

And just now was watching the GazettE comment (Before I Decay) >>http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6HbM8cTizOk<< *here is the link for whoever interested to watch~* ^^ At 1st, Uruha and Aoi stand there like a vase, so is Ruki and Reita, sit there like a vase too, only Kai do the talking.. Then when Kai start saying something wrong, everybody laugh~ XD Then Ruki don't know why start to keep laughing too~~ Hahaha!! Ruki DAISUKI!!! >3<


Haha, went out today again meet up with Black Catz and Cheryl.. (I know I am a bad girl for always going out though exams is near.. T^T) But suddenly, yesterday night, Black Catz say she can't go out, so ended up, left me and Cheryl..

At about 9.30, I reach Time Square, and because it's still early, it is not allow to go into Time Square, so no choice must stay outside and decided to sit at Starbucks.. Then suddenly a guy came and talk to me.. (I was scare of coz..) I talk to him and finally we start chatting.. Half way our conversation, he ask for my phone number.. And of coz I say NO.. Then later luckily, Cherly arrive and saved me.. XD

So we walk to Sungei Wang 1st to do what we suppose to do then bla bla bla.. *lazy to write what we do the whole day.. =3=*

And lastly, at about 4, we went home.. BUT before that, of coz we always remember our camwhore~~ Hahaha.. XD

Thanks for the day, Cheryl~Let's go out again next time with Black Catz.. ><
A letter to my future self,
Am I still happy, I began,
Have I grown up pretty,
Is daddy still a good man,
Am I still friends with Colleen,
I'm sure that I'm still laughing, aren't I?

Hey there to my future self,
If you forget how to smile,
I habe this to tell you,
Remember it once in awhile,
Ten years ago your past self,
Prayed for your happiness,
Please don't, lose hope...

Though i can't know for sure how things were done for us,
No matter how hard it gets, you have to realize:
We weren't put on this earth to suffer and cry,
We were made for being happy,
So... Be happy... for me, for you... Please...


Went out to Time Square with Black Catz today.. But before going to Time Square, we went to KLCC, Kinokuniya.. We always for sure will go there if we touche KL.. XD Furthermore, because we know the new Neo Genesis is out.. *laugh* So wanted to try our luck if whether Kinokuniya have the new stocks.. So all the way there, ended up empty handed to Time Square.. =3= Because Kinokuniya haven't have the new Neo Genesis yet..
Later, went to Time Square and 1st thing I saw, Bak Kut Teh(my enemy, a nickname I put on her) Damn, I just don't understand why is she always so bithcy.. Feel like slapping her.. Anyway, then went to Sushi King for lunch, saw her again.. Damn it.. =.= Don't want to care about her, so have fun with my lunch..
Here's a picture of Black Catz having a very nice time in Sushi King, she doesn't even know I took her picture when she is drinking her miso soup.. XD

At about 4.30, we start sitting at Auntie Anne's because was too tired.. We have to sit there until 6.30 to wait for Black Catz customer.. Too bored, took some picture then watch the GazettE concert in our mp5..

Here are some of the pictures.. X3

Black Catz trying to go online in her phone..

I was too bored, so took the tissue and put on my face, then Black Catz suddenly told me I look like 'Reita', so took a picture for memory.. Haha..

At 6 something, meet up with Black Catz customer then went home~~ Tiring day.. Already feeling sleepy now.. =3=


October 7, this date.. Is the GazettE new release single - Before I Decay.. So me and Black Catz decided to do something for them.. Which is.. (see below) We took quite a long time to draw this.. XD Digging for ideas and what to write.. And in the end, we were very happy for the results.. Haha..

Gaze Rock is not dead~~~!!! XD

Me posing with our 'masterpiece'.. Haha.. XD

And lastly, the GazettE art book~~!!! Mwahahahahaha~~!!! I finally got this in my hand.. I spent a lot of money for this.. T^T Hahaha, but is totally a worth it though.. XD


New drawings~~ XD

*evil laughs* I finally have the mood to draw again.. XD And because of it, I manage to draw few of this drawings~~ And luckily, my 'beloved' computer screen is back to normal too~~ *I do not know what happen to my 'beloved' computer, the colour of the screen is purple, so for me to use photoshop is a impossible*

The magic of photoshop is really very cool~~ After knowing how to use photoshop, I have been like a photoshop nerd, sitting in my computer room for hours, colouring my drawings with photoshop.. *laugh* But until now, my photoshop skill is still not good.. T^T I must work hard~~ >w<

Original drawing.. turn into..

This 1~~

Original drawing.. turn into..

This 1~~

Original drawing.. turn into..

This 1~~
That's all for now.. XD Back to my computer room and start drawing again.. *laugh* Whoever wants to give comment is very welcome~~ *bows*


My 1st drawing

Yahoo~~ Managa to use photoshop successfully~~ (Thanks to Cheryl~!!) XD Though is not really nice, but I am very proud of myself.. Hahaha!!!

This is the original outline drawing.. ^^

The magic of photoshop.. >w<

This is another version... Can spot the difference right?? I don't know which is better, so post this 2 of it.. =3

That's all for now.. WeeHoo~~ Continue to pratice my photoshop~~ XD


Outing with Black Catz

Today went out again to Mid Valley together with Black Catz.. XD But Cheryl can't join us.. T^T Miss 1 out again.. =3= Always the 3 of us stick together like an elephant glue or more worst, with cement.. XD

Anyway, back to the topic, we reach Mid Valley about 11, then buy 1 ticket for 'Imagine That' and 1 ticket for 'Where got ghost?'.

'Imagine That' was a very nice and movie~ Recommend to watch~~!! Love Eddie Murphy too~~ X3

Then right after 'Imagine That', me and Black Catz watch 'Where got ghost?'. Freaking funny and the moral values are very true.. Nice to watch.. But because I myself seldom watch horror movies, so even though this movie is very3 funny, I am still kinda scare and keep hiding behind Black Catz.. =3=

After all the movies, we both went back home at about 5. Before that, we never forget camwhore~~ XD

Me and her so-call VK post.. =3= Hahaha.. XD

Happy Day~~ Just that Cheryl wasn't here today.. T^T But it's ok.. Let's go out next time together again, Cheryl~~ XD


Thank you very much, my dearest...

My heart sings along the rhythm of this sorrowful melody. I can’t seem to change the tune, my tears fell non stop. Slowly, my lips follow the melody and sings along too. What was my name? I have forgotten. What am I thinking now, I do not know. All I know was, I must keep walking on this unknown road until I find my way out. I look high up to the blue sky and remember the bright smile you have give to me, then I remind myself, I must stay strong for you. But how long can I see this blue sky, it will rain someday too. I was worry, very worry. I try not to think too much and start running, as fast as I could, so I will run out from this road before the rain starts. Suddenly, 1 drop from the sky stops me from running, I know I can’t get out from here before the rain starts. I am out of breath, I fell down and cry. I look high up to the sky again, the rain slowly wash away my tears. Then I know, maybe because you don’t not want to see me cry, so that’s why you pray the rain for me, to wash my tears away, my agony I have been suffering. I smile and start walking again, enjoying the cold but yet warm rain on to myself that you give to me.

Today, suddenly fear of my own future, but thanks to my mom and my sisters, I am back to normal.. XD My mom taught me a lot today and Cheryl told me something very3 meaningful then get to meet Black Catz suddenly in Mid Valley too.. >w<



My word now is - Sad

Today went to Cheryl's house for fun~~ Was suppose to be happy, but don't know why, always my emo side conquer me.. =.=

I will never trust LOVE anymore, really there is nothing but sweet talk. Maybe is just me being so emo right now, but really, LOVE is so fake.. At 1st, I thought I will never LOVE anymore, I was so strong with my words. Then I found hope and fall for it. But it was a very beautiful lie..
Now am quite sad.. But lucky my sisters are always with me. Thanks to my sisters, I didn't really fell that much into it.. From tomorrow onwards, I will be ok.. I guess..


I hate love

Today I draw a new drawing~~ XD This drawing started when I actually wanted to draw a flower, then suddenly don't know what happen, my hands start drawing human anatomy.. *laugh* And then, ta-da~ Here is the drawing.. XD I name this drawing, 'Get out of me'..

Is this what we call love? Blood splashes every corner in this room, only tears and hope was able to see in the scene. I saw you standing outside of this room, watching me as I try to crawl out from this bloody, dark pitch hole. You did not put any sympathy on me, you were with your friend, laughing at me. I did not know what to do, my heart was bleeding, I cried out black tears. My memories left me untouched, what I have been hoping through all my life was this sweet yet bitter desire, filling up this abandoned love in my heart. Love is nothing but just a sweet word, false hope and lies. Today you will feel it, the next day it’s gone. I wipe my tears and paint this love in my heart into black. Forever I will not love, but hate.


Hang out with Elaine and May

Today right after school, went out to have lunch with Elaine and her cousin sister, May. Because after this trial test, our burden also lighten.. So, we planned to so-called celebrate.. *laugh* Took the bus with Elaine to her house, meet up with May, change clothes and LET'S GO~~!! XD

These are some pictures taken when the outing.. XD

Elaine and May.. Both of them look so alike.. No wonder they are call cousin sisters.. Haha.. XD

Is that sausage really that nice??? Why want to keep looking at it?? Hahaha..

Me and May~~ ^3^

3 people together = love to eat~~ XD

This is a so-called human face made by us.. The hands are the hair, the price tag stick on the table are the eyes, california roll and onigiri are the ears, sausage is the nose and a pack of sushi is the mouth.. Haha.. XD


What a day...

Today my uncle will be going back to Australia for 2 weeks.. My house is going to be very silent again.. Lonely and empty.. Anyway, back to topic *slaps myself for being emo* the trip to the airport, my uncle bought me an ice-cream.. XD He loves to buy ice-cream for me..

Thanks for the ice-cream, Charles..!! Take care in Australia, will miss you!! T_____T