Haha, went out today again meet up with Black Catz and Cheryl.. (I know I am a bad girl for always going out though exams is near.. T^T) But suddenly, yesterday night, Black Catz say she can't go out, so ended up, left me and Cheryl..

At about 9.30, I reach Time Square, and because it's still early, it is not allow to go into Time Square, so no choice must stay outside and decided to sit at Starbucks.. Then suddenly a guy came and talk to me.. (I was scare of coz..) I talk to him and finally we start chatting.. Half way our conversation, he ask for my phone number.. And of coz I say NO.. Then later luckily, Cherly arrive and saved me.. XD

So we walk to Sungei Wang 1st to do what we suppose to do then bla bla bla.. *lazy to write what we do the whole day.. =3=*

And lastly, at about 4, we went home.. BUT before that, of coz we always remember our camwhore~~ Hahaha.. XD

Thanks for the day, Cheryl~Let's go out again next time with Black Catz.. ><

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