Finally.. My dearest package is here~~ XD Meet up with Black Catz today in KLCC.. Catz bring along my - the GazettE single - Before I Decay plus a poster and a booklet (Thank you very much, Black Catz) and then, we went to Kinokuniya and take our pre-order, Neo Genesis (Main page is the GazettE too~~) Hahahaha~~~ XD

chang~ chang~~ Here is the wonderful package~~ X3

There are so lovely~~ Hahaha!!! Ruki is so so so cool~~ Love love Ruki-sama~ >3<

Because got new posters, took out the old wallpaper and change my whole wallpaper into a new look~~ Finally I got 5 big posters of my favourite idols on my wall!! Ayumi Hamasaki, the GazettE, Ruki and Kai..
Now, what's left is a big poster of ANTIC CAFE and MIKU!!!! ><

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