Went out to Time Square with Black Catz today.. But before going to Time Square, we went to KLCC, Kinokuniya.. We always for sure will go there if we touche KL.. XD Furthermore, because we know the new Neo Genesis is out.. *laugh* So wanted to try our luck if whether Kinokuniya have the new stocks.. So all the way there, ended up empty handed to Time Square.. =3= Because Kinokuniya haven't have the new Neo Genesis yet..
Later, went to Time Square and 1st thing I saw, Bak Kut Teh(my enemy, a nickname I put on her) Damn, I just don't understand why is she always so bithcy.. Feel like slapping her.. Anyway, then went to Sushi King for lunch, saw her again.. Damn it.. =.= Don't want to care about her, so have fun with my lunch..
Here's a picture of Black Catz having a very nice time in Sushi King, she doesn't even know I took her picture when she is drinking her miso soup.. XD

At about 4.30, we start sitting at Auntie Anne's because was too tired.. We have to sit there until 6.30 to wait for Black Catz customer.. Too bored, took some picture then watch the GazettE concert in our mp5..

Here are some of the pictures.. X3

Black Catz trying to go online in her phone..

I was too bored, so took the tissue and put on my face, then Black Catz suddenly told me I look like 'Reita', so took a picture for memory.. Haha..

At 6 something, meet up with Black Catz customer then went home~~ Tiring day.. Already feeling sleepy now.. =3=

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