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I am really sorry for not posting anything at all for soooo long in my own blog.. I am doing a new blog lately, which I will be posting more~ Please look forward for it, as I will post more in my new coming blog~ :D

STYLO 2012

Finally the day of smelling food around my class has end~ The food design was done and everybody finally can rest, including me~
The night of the show didn't went that well, a lot of problems had happen but I guess I have learn a lot from it. It was actually quite sad but I won't tell in details what is the problem, haha~
Enough say, here are the pictures of STYLO 2012 (Night Circus) and emerging designers competition~ (I won't write much because kinda lazy to write, haha.. Just came back yesterday night, now still feeling so tired. xD)
This is my friend's design by using cones and wafer biscuit~

This is 1 of my seniors design~ Using all the Indian spices~

This is my group design, peeled orange, lemon and lime's skin~

This design look exactly like Silent Hill nurse. Lol.

Where as this design, look like Edea Kramer from Final Fantasy 8. xD

We reached the destination very early, so.... My friends got so bored. xD

I have not posted all this pictures here, but if you guys interested to see more, you can visit my album --> STYLO. Thanks for reading my post again~ :D Will try to update more from now on since I am a bit more free, but I still have 1 more thing to go... My miniature shoes competition... >A<


fangirl again

I am going to do a "fangirl" post again~ xD Hahaha can't stop myself from expressing (Warning, fangirling might be too much, lol)

I spotted 1 picture from "Fuck Yeah Assassin's Creed" and I was like "GAAHH!! I want to be like her!!". ( o*´Д`)o Well I am not going to say much but just post the picture then you will understand..

See all the collection she have up there? ITS SOOO AWESOME!! I wish I have those too.. 10 big posters of AC, prefer Ezio's 1~ And ALL the FIGURINES (but only Ezio and Altair, hahaha)~~
If only I have more money... Lately I have been crying for Lolita too, it's been actually quite long since I last bought 1. ┬┬_┬┬

Enough of fangirl post of AC. There is another thing that I am crazy bout lately. Which is...

They are sooo damn cute~~ I can't wait for their new movie~ Bababa, babanana~ Potato~~ (ノ≧∀≦)
And lastly, tomorrow is finally the show day of my food design~ Very nervous. The whole garment is done, but still hopefully those oranges and lemons stay in place. xD

That's all for now~ Thanks for reading my blog~


*This is a fangirl post, so please dun mind if I become too crazy*

Kyaaa~~~~ I found this few pictures before I am planning to do my work. And yes, I am spazzing!!
THE BEST COMBINATION EVER!! I love this 2 "uncles" very much~ I always wanted to have a picture like this (below) Snake and Ezio Auditore~

They were trying to sneak each other but then......

*bonk* SOOOO cute!! I wish I could see this 2 people in real person.. I want to tell them I love them sooooo much~!!!! *fangirls scream* (////)\

Then this next picture. Read the dialogue then you guys will understand~ Ezio is an elderly~

Ok ok, gotta go~ Need to go back my work. ( p_q)
*pictures above are credits to Doubleleaf.deviantart*



Well this is gonna be just a fast post, because actually I am still doing my work but just got a tired of it. xD
Lately work has always been in my way. No time to really enjoy.
Maybe because I am so busy, time somehow feels like passing really fast.. Its already March.. (*д*)

This is my design for the food design for Bill Keith that I said bout in my previous post~ But sadly all weren't accept. LOL. The most left is sugar cane~ And the others are orange skin~

That's all for now 1st~ ciao~



I am really so damn busy lately.
I have my miniature shoes competition, then my make up competition then my food design for helping Bill Keith.. Well luckily 2 of the things are group stuff.. But still!! I can't manage my time. I have not enough time to anything at all... Sigh.. (×_×;

Dear blog, please bear with me.. I will try to update you more often. *go backs to work*