fangirl again

I am going to do a "fangirl" post again~ xD Hahaha can't stop myself from expressing (Warning, fangirling might be too much, lol)

I spotted 1 picture from "Fuck Yeah Assassin's Creed" and I was like "GAAHH!! I want to be like her!!". ( o*´Д`)o Well I am not going to say much but just post the picture then you will understand..

See all the collection she have up there? ITS SOOO AWESOME!! I wish I have those too.. 10 big posters of AC, prefer Ezio's 1~ And ALL the FIGURINES (but only Ezio and Altair, hahaha)~~
If only I have more money... Lately I have been crying for Lolita too, it's been actually quite long since I last bought 1. ┬┬_┬┬

Enough of fangirl post of AC. There is another thing that I am crazy bout lately. Which is...

They are sooo damn cute~~ I can't wait for their new movie~ Bababa, babanana~ Potato~~ (ノ≧∀≦)
And lastly, tomorrow is finally the show day of my food design~ Very nervous. The whole garment is done, but still hopefully those oranges and lemons stay in place. xD

That's all for now~ Thanks for reading my blog~

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