*This is a fangirl post, so please dun mind if I become too crazy*

Kyaaa~~~~ I found this few pictures before I am planning to do my work. And yes, I am spazzing!!
THE BEST COMBINATION EVER!! I love this 2 "uncles" very much~ I always wanted to have a picture like this (below) Snake and Ezio Auditore~

They were trying to sneak each other but then......

*bonk* SOOOO cute!! I wish I could see this 2 people in real person.. I want to tell them I love them sooooo much~!!!! *fangirls scream* (////)\

Then this next picture. Read the dialogue then you guys will understand~ Ezio is an elderly~

Ok ok, gotta go~ Need to go back my work. ( p_q)
*pictures above are credits to Doubleleaf.deviantart*

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