I am sick at such a super wrong timing!!
WHY NOW??!! I know is my own fault because I ran under the rain for 2 days, but last time I use to do that and I am not sick!!! (*m*)
Sigh, tomorrow is the day where I need to do my presentation for my shoes competition. And now my voice sounds like "ahgua", face look like I didn't sleep for years and walk like I am a zombie.. No energy.. 。・゚゚・(>д<;)・゚゚・。

I am so scare right now.. Tomorrow is the day but I am in this kind of situation.. God, please help me. And wish me luck.. (×_×;

Happy Valentine's Day

Its really a lovely day today~ Because is Valentine's Day~ Well though I can't be with my dear, I admit I am kinda sad but I know even though we are not together, our hearts are always as 1.. I love my dear sooooo much~ Hehehe */*

Anyway, stop being so sweet here. I celebrated my Valentine's Day with my dear friends from my academy~ They are really such a good friends, I really love them~ They are the 1 that always cheer my day when I am alone~ °..:*°
From left : Peggy, Rino and Sumnie

From left :: Me, Tsyr En and Phuna

Hereby I want to say THANKS GUYS! ALL OF YOU ARE AWESOME!! Happy Valentine's day to you all and everybody~ o(≧∀≦)oo(≧∀≦)o