AKB spamz~

Early in the morning and I am already spazzing about AKB48~ It was thanks to my dear friends - blackcatz and Hibiki.. Hahaha. xD
I found few of these video in youtube when I was trying to find out more AKB48 videos~

AKB48 - 2012年成人式記念撮影会
Watch from 3.29 onwards for Takamina fans~ She is so cute when everybody "ええええええ~~~~" Sadly is that, I don't really understand what was the interview bout.. (_)

Then the next video~ Their going to be out maxi single - GIVE ME FIVE (ギブミ-ファイブ). The release date in on Feb 15 2012~~ The song is not bad, another happy and motivational song~ (Takamina is soooo cute~~ I love her sooo much~~) *spazz* (*▽≦)

Well that's all for now~ Thanks for reading my blog~ ☆ミ(o*ω)

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