MIss you all..

So long didn't update my post, really sorry.. (>A<) *bows*

So many things to think of lately, well, maybe probably because I think too much again.. (=.=) I want to meet my friends again and like last time, have fun, talk until like there is no end.. But seems like they are all so busy, I also didn't dare to bother them...
I admit I depend on my friends too much... (-3-) I know is not a good thing... *sigh* Sometimes, I hope I am emotional-less... I did notice something, but.... Hahaha, better stop writing before the post become another emo post again...

Well, thanks for reading, I will try to update my blog asap~ X) Thanks for dropping by~ :D

Miss ya guys... Wish we could go back like last time...


Youtube CRAZE!!!

Since is my 1 week holiday, so today I have been watching youtube video like there is no tomorrow. Hahahaha.. And well, of course I found out a lot of nice, awesome videos~ Mostly all are pop songs though.. (Lately, I am into more Popteen mood, that's why.) :D

Okarie Rie is 1 of the actress inside!! That's why I love this PV so much!! I love her! She is so cute and pretty~~

And I found out some few Nishino Kana songs that I love too~ Her songs are really not bad, I can't say I am a big fan of her, but I do always love to listen to her songs~
I love this song very very much. The meaning if it is really nice and the whole song really pierce through my heart~

Lastly, AKB48~ <3 Though this is not their latest song, but I love this song very much~ Well talking about AKB48, my sister's blog - Hesitating Means Death was talking about AKB48 3rd Election Final Result. I wasn't happy about the results at all too... And yes, I don't like Atsuko too... (=.=) She took the 1st place back and Yuuko is back to 2nd. Well, I am not a big fan of  Yuuko, but really, I rather Yuuko be the 1st because I don't like Atsuko at all... I am fan of Minami and sadly, she was degraded too... (T.T) Why is the world so unfair..... *sigh*

Anyway, better don't drag it too long.. So yeah.. Youtube Craze now!! xDD *continue searching for videos* Bye~


Pigmentation away~!!

Finally, I have the time alone in the house and did a new make up~ Well, this make up is inspire Nou-hime from Samurai Warriors.
I was actually practicing this to help my friend make up this year end for her cosplay~ It was quite hard for me at 1st because I don't have the color I need for this make up, so instead I tried something near to purple color and well, it came out quite nice~ (my opinion, comments are very welcome and appreciated so I can improve my make up~) :D

This time I won't really type how I make up this, but I will teach on how to cover pigmentation~ Because I have a very irritation black spots or can be consider as blemishes..

Now here is my real face WITHOUT make up.. (><) I know, I look sleepy, blur and etc.... XD See the right side of my face? There is my pigmentation~

Showing my face after base make up and covering the pigmentation first~ So everybody can see the difference. I didn't really put foundation on my face because today, I just want to focus on how to cover everybody most hated pigmentation~ XD

Well, my way may not really cover ALL the pigmentation but at least it could lighten it up so it won't be so obvious~

Ok, so here is the 1st step~ Normally use your foundation on your face then choose a DARKER COLOR/SKIN TONE foundation or concealer~ Tap on your pigmentation.
*Remember : TAP it.. Don't blend it.
*Useful info : Why do I choose a darker tone foundation or concealer? Is because darker tone foundation/concealer have higher coverage than normal light tone foundation/concealer~

After tapping on it, it will look something like this~
*Remember : Blend the outer line, DO NOT touch the middle part.

Then use your SKIN TONE concealer to TAP on it. Means that it will be like another layer on top of it~ As usual, TAP on it because if you blend it, you will blend away your darker tone foundation/concealer away.. See the difference of my concealer and foundation color?

After using concealer to covering another layer, blend ONLY the outer line of it. Well, of course you need to make sure you use enough concealer to get back your skin tone, if not, you will have a different skin tone on your face.. Then use A LOT of your skin tone powder to set on it, make sure you TAP it, as usual~
*Useful info : Why do you need to use a lot of powder to set it? Because concealer are very oily, so only powder can set it and make it last longer~

And now, you are done~ After everything, it should look something like this~ I have not edit anything or photoshop it.. :)
Hope everybody can do the same thing and I hope I help on this~
*Remember : After covering it, make sure that you DO NOT blend it. Example like myself, when I use blusher, I can't blend it because like I said above, it will blend away. So I tap my blusher~

Now next, my make up~ X)

This make up, I have use 3 color eyeshadow~ 1 black, another 1 is reddish dark purple and lastly, a light pink shimmer for highlight~

Thanks for reading my blog~ Well, as usual, comments are very welcome~ *bows* That's all for now, bye~ X)


Happy Birthday to Uruha~

*sings* Happy Birthday to Uruha from the GazettE~ You are an awesome guitarist that I really respect very much!! *bows* Have a great birthday, good luck and all the best to you~ :3

We, as a the GazettE fan will always support you and all the other members~ GazeRock is not dead and will never be dead!! >D


Seventeen Magazine Shoot

Today went for a photo shoot for Seventeen Magazine~ It wasn't my first time going there though, is just that previously I am so lazy to upload them.. Hehehe... (^^''')

I really enjoy working with the staff there and really happy that my senior - Maggie Mah, guided me today~ Model of the day for today's fashion spread - Sri~ Well, I didn't took much picture... But I am still waiting for Sri's pictures because she took most of the picture~ Next time will post it up when she tag me in FaceBook~ XD

Maggie helping Sri to style her hair~ And yes, the table is as messy as ever~ XD

After lunch, PLAY TIME!! XD The stylist - Joy, started blowing bubbles in the room and everybody started to go "high" about it~ Hahahaha..

And as usual, camwhore.. X)
Yesterday, I bought the new issue of Popteen~ Nyaa~~~ Their make up are getting better every issue, I really love how they put fake eyelashes and make their eye extra big and round and cute~

Mai Hirose, 1 of the model inside is getting better and better. Last time when she 1st came in, she was a Gyaru, has a very dark skin and dress up very CocoLulu style (very colorful and striking colors shirts and baggy pants, a bit like Nana Suzuki.). But now she is a Popteen Girl~ She is 1 of my favorite model in Popteen~

Rie Okaeri, another model in Popteen and also the owner of the brand - Ank Rouge. She is my favorite too~ Her make up is so cute!! And her style of dressing are so pretty, vintage and somehow Victorian yet modern, of course.

Well, that's all for now, signing out~ 



It's been so long since I upload my blog again. I was very busy lately, as usual. Plus, nothing much happening lately in my life. XD Nah, that is just an excuse, I am just too lazy to update my blog... (Sorry my dear blog. ><)

Finally, an event in Malaysia~ Now a days, cosplay event is getting fewer and fewer. Few years back then, when I am still having my SPM exam, there is so many cosplay event, but now, many have already stop 'operating'.. (T^T)

Latest cosplay event - C2AGE~ Held at 21 & 22 May in Tropicana City Mall~

Day 1
- Me and BlackCatz decided to just wear normal Lolita since there is a small Lolita meet up. The event was quite small, so I think many of them didn't came. But we manage to met our MLC vice-president - Aiko, Suz and Esther aka Mbek~

We met new Lolita friends too~ From left, her name is Maki~ She is new to Lolita, so welcome her into Lolita life~ <3 There are 2 more Lolita friends we met, their names are Joey and Catherine~

As for my dear Emmanuel, cosplaying as Ulquiorra on that day~ As cool as usual.. X)

Cheryl as Kuroki from Blazer Drive. She really suits this character a lot~ <3

Misaki, Anthony, Baddy and Za did came over too. But because I don't have pictures of them. (T^T) Misaki was cosplaying her OC (Original character). And as for the others, they are cosplaying themselves~ XD

Day 2
- Me and Cheryl cosplaying Badou and Naoto from Dog:Bullet & Carnage. (Sorry for this picture because both this actual character don't have rabbit ears. XD But because this is the only picture we have for day 2, so I have no choice to put this picture.) Cheryl so cute nya~~

As for Misaki and Baddy, they both cosplay their OC again~ Maguro High~ X) No pictures of them though.. (T3T) Emmanuel and BlackCatz didn't attend the 2nd day..

Honest speaking, it was really a boring event. (><) Nothing much to do, me and Cheryl and the others went home quite early on the 2nd day. We realize something about cosplay in Malaysia. Well, I am not going to say what is it, because is might be a sensitive topic, so skip~

Camwhore time~ <3 Me and My dear sister, BlackCatz~

Catz, me and my dear Emmanuel~

Ahh!! Forgot to camwhore with Cheryl, Misaki and the others.... (TT.TT) Must remember next time.. (><) *knocks my head*

*All photos above are credit to whoever I took from.. (><) Other than the camwhore part. XD

Thanks for dropping by~ <3


the GazettE Nameless Liberty Six Bullets

Last week I went to BlackCatz's house for fun. Hahaha.. And yes, our (Me and BlackCatz) baby arrive!!!! the GazettE Nameless Liberty Six Bullets DVD!!!!! *fangirl sreams* Ruki!!!!!!!!!! I am sooo happy~~~ Thank you BlackCatz~~~ <3<3<3

The picture of the DVD is really very nice, I love how Ruki always design the looks of the CD/DVD/Album~ Ruki is so creative~~~ X3 This is the limited edition, so it comes with the making~ Ruki is sooo cute!!!! Hahahaha... Please don't mind this fangirl. XDD

Here are some sneak peak of the DVD. Me and Catz watch together and got really very high!! XDDD

Ruki (Vocalist) <3<3<3

Uruha (Guitarist) BlackCatz's husband~ XD

Aoi (Guitarist) Belongs to BlackCatz too. XD

Reita (Bassist) As cool as ever!

Kai (Drummer) My 2nd favorite!! <3<3

Tokyo Dome's stage is really awesome big! No joke.. Even Ruki can have a "fashion show" walk to the front of the stage! He is so handsome and cute~ X3

The 3 boys~

Uruki (Uruha x Ruki) *nosebleed*
Later after that night, me and Catz decided to have a dolls photo shoot~ Glen get to meet a new friend, Mayrene (Catz's doll, Eleanor's sister). Mayrene is such a cute doll. She look so shy~

Mayrene and Glen~

Finally, Glen and Eleanor meet up again~ They look so loving here~

Family photo~ Welcome Mayrene to the family~


DIVA Gala Night

Its been almost 1 month after my DIVA Gala Night. It was really an awesome experience and really learn a lot from it. In front of the stage, everything looks perfect and awesome, but in the backstage, everything is very very very messy.. Hahaha.. Having a show really takes effort, though the show is just a night thing, but the effort of preparing takes so long... Phew, well now everything is over, glad is over perfectly~

Enough of talking~ Here are some pictures. XD

We reach Sg.Wang very early which is around 7am because we need to start the rehearsal~ As you can see, everybody is waiting and some are preparing~

This is Dianna Yong~ Sitting waiting for the rehearsal~ xD

And here we have.. From right : Louis, our hairstylist for the day~ Jacklynn and Nelson~ *Louis spotted me being a paparazzi though..* (==)

After the rehearsal, it was just 10am. So I decided to have breakfast together with my friends then later we back to Diva Production to prepare for our make up~ And yup, as you can see from the picture below, everything is nicely prepare for us to make up. XD I am in the middle~ X)

While waiting, the hairstylist of the day - Louis helping people to hair style~ Awesome and kind person he is~ XD There we have Suzanne, she is somehow shy when Louis is styling her hair.. XD

Around 2pm, our own models slowly coming in.. So everybody started to make up~

(Didn't have pictures of me doing make up though, hopefully somebody took a picture of it so I can use it as my portfolio.. ><)

Later on, around 6pm, we all have to go to Sg.Wang because models are needed to be dressed up there~ So pack stuff and chiao~~

*skip skip skip* Gala Night starts~ XD

This is where they announce the winner~

These are the models from our group~

This is my model~ She is Tengku Azura~ (><) I am really honor to be her make up artist. It was my 1st show and I get to help her make up.. *touched* Thanks Diva Production~! <3

Make up artist and the models came out together~ :D

The finale part, we have to walk to the front stage and bow~ For me, it was really hard to walk with my new super high heels... (==) Luckily, my model, Tengku Azura, guided me all the time and encourage me at the backstage. XD *bows*

After the show~ The best part~ Camwhore time!!!! XDD Me and Tengku Azura~ <3 She looks scary though. XD

Got a kiss from her~ <3

Me and my besties, Xin Min~ She won for the Junior Category as the 2nd runner-up (If I am not wrong.. Sorry because I am really very forgetful person.. T^T)

Awesome friends~ From left : Kiki, Irene, me, (I forgot his name.. TAT Please forgive me) and Theresa~

My awesome senior, Alicia, in the middle~

Maggie, my teacher~ She is so cute~

My awesome teacher, Yein~ She was our group leader during the Gala Night make up too~ She guides us all the way~ Thank you teacher for everything~ You are awesome, remember that~~~

From right : Sybil and Suzanne. Sybil is my teacher too, she looks like Lady Gaga that night~ I love her so so much too~~ *huggies*

Jessica Kok (left), my most respective senior ever. She really inspire me a lot. And my favorite teacher, Caryn (right)~

Me and Sybil~

After seeing so many nice pictures in front of the stage, now a picture of the backstage~ XD See? Is so crowded and pack and messy. XDD

Well that's all for the DIVA Gala Night. I love my friends, my seniors and my teachers so much!!!!!!!! And thanks again to Diva Production for this Gala Night~

Pictures of practices before the Gala Night. This was my make up~ Model is Alicia~ She really suit this make up so much, even my teacher says that~ XD

And her Gala Night make up~ I was her model~ Awesome right? XD

Well, that's all~ Some of the pictures above are credits to Cheryl, my sister~~~ Lastly, I want to say thank you soooo much to my sister Cheryl, my boyfriend, Emmanuel and my butler, Jian Leng for coming. XD THANKS MAN!!!!!!