Youtube CRAZE!!!

Since is my 1 week holiday, so today I have been watching youtube video like there is no tomorrow. Hahahaha.. And well, of course I found out a lot of nice, awesome videos~ Mostly all are pop songs though.. (Lately, I am into more Popteen mood, that's why.) :D

Okarie Rie is 1 of the actress inside!! That's why I love this PV so much!! I love her! She is so cute and pretty~~

And I found out some few Nishino Kana songs that I love too~ Her songs are really not bad, I can't say I am a big fan of her, but I do always love to listen to her songs~
I love this song very very much. The meaning if it is really nice and the whole song really pierce through my heart~

Lastly, AKB48~ <3 Though this is not their latest song, but I love this song very much~ Well talking about AKB48, my sister's blog - Hesitating Means Death was talking about AKB48 3rd Election Final Result. I wasn't happy about the results at all too... And yes, I don't like Atsuko too... (=.=) She took the 1st place back and Yuuko is back to 2nd. Well, I am not a big fan of  Yuuko, but really, I rather Yuuko be the 1st because I don't like Atsuko at all... I am fan of Minami and sadly, she was degraded too... (T.T) Why is the world so unfair..... *sigh*

Anyway, better don't drag it too long.. So yeah.. Youtube Craze now!! xDD *continue searching for videos* Bye~

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