Pigmentation away~!!

Finally, I have the time alone in the house and did a new make up~ Well, this make up is inspire Nou-hime from Samurai Warriors.
I was actually practicing this to help my friend make up this year end for her cosplay~ It was quite hard for me at 1st because I don't have the color I need for this make up, so instead I tried something near to purple color and well, it came out quite nice~ (my opinion, comments are very welcome and appreciated so I can improve my make up~) :D

This time I won't really type how I make up this, but I will teach on how to cover pigmentation~ Because I have a very irritation black spots or can be consider as blemishes..

Now here is my real face WITHOUT make up.. (><) I know, I look sleepy, blur and etc.... XD See the right side of my face? There is my pigmentation~

Showing my face after base make up and covering the pigmentation first~ So everybody can see the difference. I didn't really put foundation on my face because today, I just want to focus on how to cover everybody most hated pigmentation~ XD

Well, my way may not really cover ALL the pigmentation but at least it could lighten it up so it won't be so obvious~

Ok, so here is the 1st step~ Normally use your foundation on your face then choose a DARKER COLOR/SKIN TONE foundation or concealer~ Tap on your pigmentation.
*Remember : TAP it.. Don't blend it.
*Useful info : Why do I choose a darker tone foundation or concealer? Is because darker tone foundation/concealer have higher coverage than normal light tone foundation/concealer~

After tapping on it, it will look something like this~
*Remember : Blend the outer line, DO NOT touch the middle part.

Then use your SKIN TONE concealer to TAP on it. Means that it will be like another layer on top of it~ As usual, TAP on it because if you blend it, you will blend away your darker tone foundation/concealer away.. See the difference of my concealer and foundation color?

After using concealer to covering another layer, blend ONLY the outer line of it. Well, of course you need to make sure you use enough concealer to get back your skin tone, if not, you will have a different skin tone on your face.. Then use A LOT of your skin tone powder to set on it, make sure you TAP it, as usual~
*Useful info : Why do you need to use a lot of powder to set it? Because concealer are very oily, so only powder can set it and make it last longer~

And now, you are done~ After everything, it should look something like this~ I have not edit anything or photoshop it.. :)
Hope everybody can do the same thing and I hope I help on this~
*Remember : After covering it, make sure that you DO NOT blend it. Example like myself, when I use blusher, I can't blend it because like I said above, it will blend away. So I tap my blusher~

Now next, my make up~ X)

This make up, I have use 3 color eyeshadow~ 1 black, another 1 is reddish dark purple and lastly, a light pink shimmer for highlight~

Thanks for reading my blog~ Well, as usual, comments are very welcome~ *bows* That's all for now, bye~ X)


  1. nice!!! thanks for the tips.. nhahaha

  2. yo..cover my freckles oso! XD

  3. your pigmentation isnt that bad at all :)