Finally.. My dearest package is here~~ XD Meet up with Black Catz today in KLCC.. Catz bring along my - the GazettE single - Before I Decay plus a poster and a booklet (Thank you very much, Black Catz) and then, we went to Kinokuniya and take our pre-order, Neo Genesis (Main page is the GazettE too~~) Hahahaha~~~ XD

chang~ chang~~ Here is the wonderful package~~ X3

There are so lovely~~ Hahaha!!! Ruki is so so so cool~~ Love love Ruki-sama~ >3<

Because got new posters, took out the old wallpaper and change my whole wallpaper into a new look~~ Finally I got 5 big posters of my favourite idols on my wall!! Ayumi Hamasaki, the GazettE, Ruki and Kai..
Now, what's left is a big poster of ANTIC CAFE and MIKU!!!! ><


I have been spending my day today decorating my photo album and my sticker photo album~ And also sits in front of my laptop downloading songs~ Hahaha... And finally manage to download ONLY 1 song.. T^T Damn internet.. *kicks the modem*

And just now was watching the GazettE comment (Before I Decay) >><< *here is the link for whoever interested to watch~* ^^ At 1st, Uruha and Aoi stand there like a vase, so is Ruki and Reita, sit there like a vase too, only Kai do the talking.. Then when Kai start saying something wrong, everybody laugh~ XD Then Ruki don't know why start to keep laughing too~~ Hahaha!! Ruki DAISUKI!!! >3<


Haha, went out today again meet up with Black Catz and Cheryl.. (I know I am a bad girl for always going out though exams is near.. T^T) But suddenly, yesterday night, Black Catz say she can't go out, so ended up, left me and Cheryl..

At about 9.30, I reach Time Square, and because it's still early, it is not allow to go into Time Square, so no choice must stay outside and decided to sit at Starbucks.. Then suddenly a guy came and talk to me.. (I was scare of coz..) I talk to him and finally we start chatting.. Half way our conversation, he ask for my phone number.. And of coz I say NO.. Then later luckily, Cherly arrive and saved me.. XD

So we walk to Sungei Wang 1st to do what we suppose to do then bla bla bla.. *lazy to write what we do the whole day.. =3=*

And lastly, at about 4, we went home.. BUT before that, of coz we always remember our camwhore~~ Hahaha.. XD

Thanks for the day, Cheryl~Let's go out again next time with Black Catz.. ><
A letter to my future self,
Am I still happy, I began,
Have I grown up pretty,
Is daddy still a good man,
Am I still friends with Colleen,
I'm sure that I'm still laughing, aren't I?

Hey there to my future self,
If you forget how to smile,
I habe this to tell you,
Remember it once in awhile,
Ten years ago your past self,
Prayed for your happiness,
Please don't, lose hope...

Though i can't know for sure how things were done for us,
No matter how hard it gets, you have to realize:
We weren't put on this earth to suffer and cry,
We were made for being happy,
So... Be happy... for me, for you... Please...


Went out to Time Square with Black Catz today.. But before going to Time Square, we went to KLCC, Kinokuniya.. We always for sure will go there if we touche KL.. XD Furthermore, because we know the new Neo Genesis is out.. *laugh* So wanted to try our luck if whether Kinokuniya have the new stocks.. So all the way there, ended up empty handed to Time Square.. =3= Because Kinokuniya haven't have the new Neo Genesis yet..
Later, went to Time Square and 1st thing I saw, Bak Kut Teh(my enemy, a nickname I put on her) Damn, I just don't understand why is she always so bithcy.. Feel like slapping her.. Anyway, then went to Sushi King for lunch, saw her again.. Damn it.. =.= Don't want to care about her, so have fun with my lunch..
Here's a picture of Black Catz having a very nice time in Sushi King, she doesn't even know I took her picture when she is drinking her miso soup.. XD

At about 4.30, we start sitting at Auntie Anne's because was too tired.. We have to sit there until 6.30 to wait for Black Catz customer.. Too bored, took some picture then watch the GazettE concert in our mp5..

Here are some of the pictures.. X3

Black Catz trying to go online in her phone..

I was too bored, so took the tissue and put on my face, then Black Catz suddenly told me I look like 'Reita', so took a picture for memory.. Haha..

At 6 something, meet up with Black Catz customer then went home~~ Tiring day.. Already feeling sleepy now.. =3=


October 7, this date.. Is the GazettE new release single - Before I Decay.. So me and Black Catz decided to do something for them.. Which is.. (see below) We took quite a long time to draw this.. XD Digging for ideas and what to write.. And in the end, we were very happy for the results.. Haha..

Gaze Rock is not dead~~~!!! XD

Me posing with our 'masterpiece'.. Haha.. XD

And lastly, the GazettE art book~~!!! Mwahahahahaha~~!!! I finally got this in my hand.. I spent a lot of money for this.. T^T Hahaha, but is totally a worth it though.. XD


New drawings~~ XD

*evil laughs* I finally have the mood to draw again.. XD And because of it, I manage to draw few of this drawings~~ And luckily, my 'beloved' computer screen is back to normal too~~ *I do not know what happen to my 'beloved' computer, the colour of the screen is purple, so for me to use photoshop is a impossible*

The magic of photoshop is really very cool~~ After knowing how to use photoshop, I have been like a photoshop nerd, sitting in my computer room for hours, colouring my drawings with photoshop.. *laugh* But until now, my photoshop skill is still not good.. T^T I must work hard~~ >w<

Original drawing.. turn into..

This 1~~

Original drawing.. turn into..

This 1~~

Original drawing.. turn into..

This 1~~
That's all for now.. XD Back to my computer room and start drawing again.. *laugh* Whoever wants to give comment is very welcome~~ *bows*