I am back?? =w=

Wah~~~ So long didn't update my blog.. XDDDD *wipe away the dust* Just don't know what to update, furthermore, thanks to my shitty computer, I can't upload pictures sometimes, so makes me lazier to update.. XDDDD Either way, now I am here, so just randomly post my recently happening stuff then~ :D

Last sunday, went out together with Cheryl and we ate the Japan very famous crepes~! OwO Very delicious!! I hate bananas, but this crepes seems to make the banana very delicious~! XD Maybe bacause the combination of the strawberry ice-cream and chocolate toppings.. Hahaha..


Then lately, I got my yukata set already~! =3 Very happy!! Thank you, Black Catz for helping me to order!! I choose the pattern of asagao(flower print) because of some reason.. Hahahaha..

Next thing.. I have change my blogskin~ Thank you to Black Catz again, if not my blog might have a lot of problem.. ==;;; This new blogskin is a little bit similar to my previous blogskin.. Love this new blogskin but also misses my old 1 too.. T^T So credits to whoever created this blogskin and my previous blogskin~

GazeRock is not DEAD~!!!!!! >D


I am now writing my blog early in the morning.. I feeling sad but yet happy feeling now, I don't know what's that too, but that's what I am feeling now.. The joy of a missing pieces, I guess... Hahaha.. Sounds so emo, but I am not, I am really happy.. Hahaha.. What the hell am I talking..?? ==

I miss those days when you both are with me,
I miss those memories we created together,
I miss those hot chocolates and espresso that we always drink in Starbucks,
I miss those stupid words that came out from you both to bombard me like hell,
I miss those games that we used to play even though we know its going to spoil soon,
I miss those voice,
I miss those laughter,
I miss those warmth,
I miss everything about it...
Tell me not to be attach to things like this, I can't, its so not me..
Because everything is too dear to me...
I can't let it go..
I can never let it go..


the GazettE's new singles finally came out their preview song!! *happy*

But then, when I hear their song and got to know its for Kuroshitsuji 2 OP theme song.. Got kinda potong steam.. == Hahaha.. But I think its ok because Ruki's voice is still as handsome as ever and his new looks is.... errrghhh.... TOO HANDSOME TOO!!! He is wearing leather.. OMFG!!! Hahaha...

Can anyone guess what is this?? Hahahaha... XD Is an frozen egg!! And the unbelievable thing is, the egg is without the shell, how can it still be in 1 piece?? I can't believe my eyes when my mom show this to me.. Hahahaha...