Little Secret Dreams of mine

The road that makes us walk different path, separates us
Though we share the same dreams and goal
One day, you and I will still go on our different way
This is part of life
If there's a hello between us means there will be a goodbye too
Just like the saying, "Nothing last forever."

Keeping these thought only to myself
I cry alone, silently
I don't want to let you know
So you will not remember I have shed tears for you
So you can focus in your own dreams without any hesitations.

I may sound emotional
But knowing you will be happy in the future
I feel the joy in me somehow
It is pain to let you go at first
However I can't be a selfish brat to keep you stay.

There will be a lot of challenges along the way
And changes in the hereafter
Even so, don't give up
Sometimes you may feel lonely or sad
But remember, I am right behind you,
Cheering for you
Praying and hoping to see you until you reach your dreams.

- These are my dreams that I didn't tell you -

Stay happy, my dearest.....


Since now my brothers are back from Australia for 1 month, so me and brothers are running around like there's no tomorrow.. Super tired.. What can I say more, I am tired but of course I am very happy too.. After this week, they will be going back to Australia again, my life is going to be the usual thing..

Anyway, just few days ago, me, my brothers and mom went to Genting then later to Bukit Tinggi.. Fun trip~ 1 word says it all.. HAPPY~ :)

We woke up quite early because we wanted to be there early.. But it was actually a kinda regret thing because ended up we still need to wait for another few more hours to check-in.. == Few pictures below are the boring-faces pictures.. XDD

My brother, Anton..

My eldest brother, Rhys..

And my mom..

Too bored, so decided to put our luggage back to the car then walk outside and feel the fresh air.. It wasn't cold at all.. I mean, ya, there is a bit cold, but still not as cold as last time.. Maybe because of the global warming.. T.T

My 2 brothers never love to look the camera.. ==

About 4 o'clock.. Finally we manage to check-in.. And this is our room~ We stayed in First World Hotel..

Then for dinner, we eat steamboat~~~ :D Nice~ This steamboat can even cook or fry your food.. XDDD Me and my brothers were so happy playing "masak-masak".. Hahahhha..

Then about 11pm, we went to have a drink~ I forgot what is the cafe name but 1 thing I know, their hot chocolate is very cute.. *see the picture below* As you can see, the chocolate is outside, and the milk is beside it. You need to dip the chocolate into it then only it will become as a hot chocolate~ :D

The night view from the cafe

Then the next morning, we went to Ripley's believe it or not.. Interesting place to be and it is really recommended to whoever are going to Genting.. Because its really worth it~

(Lazy to type much, so let's make it short from here.. From this picture onwards are pictures in Bukit Tinggi..)

Reminds me of Fatal Frame game..

My brother here is trying to kill a leech that just sucked my mom's leg.. Eww.. Scary.. Though I love the GazettE - Leech song.. But I hate leech~! =A=

On the way back.. The sky is absolute pretty~

And finally~~~ *plays the hero song* My MTV world stage ticket is here!!!!!!!!! >< I am going to meet you again, Georg~~~~~~~

That's all for now, I am so lazy now.. XD Ciao~


Long ago CosFest..

I know its a been very long time ago event, but even so.. Here are the CosFest pictures~~~~ From my dear sister's facebook of coz~ XD Lazy to post all out in here..

Here's day 1 >
And here's day 2 >

A lot of camwhores.. XD Please don't mind about it~ Hehehe

Tried new make up during CosFest 2nd day.. This time added red into the color~ Plus black of course.. :D

And it turns out like the old-school Kai from the GazettE.. =.= Especially this picture.. Hahahaha.. Love it though.. XD

And lastly, I finally found another usagi to complete my cute collection of usagi's~ XD At 1st, I only bought 3 bunnies, then when I saw 1 more, I thought it was lonely, so I decided to buy it~

From left - Jean, Chiru, Yumi and Catz~


Happy yet sad

Just came back from SG and now I am very tired.. Cosfest was really very nice~! Really very fun and it was really a amazing experience to be there..

But the thing is, it was fun and happy and all the positive things.. But I don't know why am I feeling so sad and kinda depress right now.. Its like something I didn't do, something that keeps bothering in my mind.. Maybe is just because I don't want to be back into the reality.. Or maybe there is something else that I don't know..

Damn.. *sigh* Either way, CosFest was fun.. Don't want to spoil my whole mood of CosFest.. So I will post some pictures in the next blog when I get from my sister, Cheryl~ Too tired and not in the mood to talk much now..

Nights to everybody and Good bye and see you again, CosFest..