Little Secret Dreams of mine

The road that makes us walk different path, separates us
Though we share the same dreams and goal
One day, you and I will still go on our different way
This is part of life
If there's a hello between us means there will be a goodbye too
Just like the saying, "Nothing last forever."

Keeping these thought only to myself
I cry alone, silently
I don't want to let you know
So you will not remember I have shed tears for you
So you can focus in your own dreams without any hesitations.

I may sound emotional
But knowing you will be happy in the future
I feel the joy in me somehow
It is pain to let you go at first
However I can't be a selfish brat to keep you stay.

There will be a lot of challenges along the way
And changes in the hereafter
Even so, don't give up
Sometimes you may feel lonely or sad
But remember, I am right behind you,
Cheering for you
Praying and hoping to see you until you reach your dreams.

- These are my dreams that I didn't tell you -

Stay happy, my dearest.....

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