Happy yet sad

Just came back from SG and now I am very tired.. Cosfest was really very nice~! Really very fun and it was really a amazing experience to be there..

But the thing is, it was fun and happy and all the positive things.. But I don't know why am I feeling so sad and kinda depress right now.. Its like something I didn't do, something that keeps bothering in my mind.. Maybe is just because I don't want to be back into the reality.. Or maybe there is something else that I don't know..

Damn.. *sigh* Either way, CosFest was fun.. Don't want to spoil my whole mood of CosFest.. So I will post some pictures in the next blog when I get from my sister, Cheryl~ Too tired and not in the mood to talk much now..

Nights to everybody and Good bye and see you again, CosFest..

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