PS3~~ Chuu~~

Arrrggghhh~~!!! I miss my PS3~~!!!!!!! TTATT I miss Metal Gear Solid, I miss Snake, I miss Raiden, I miss Drebin.. I even miss Drebin's monkey~ XD I miss Dynasty Warriors too~~

My lovely PS3.. Will wait for your return this year end~~~

My lovely games~--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Then lately, went out with Catz.. And of course, as usual, Catz and I always love our favoutire spot - Starbucks. We will always try our best not to miss that 1... hahaha

Then, after Starbucks, we went to take Puri-puri pictures~ Its been such a long time since I last took these Puri-puri pictures with friends.. So when I saw these Puri-puri machines, my eyes sparkle and my heart went in~ XD

So, that's all for now. Lazy to write again. Going to take a nap now~ Ciao~

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