Just few days ago, I went to Johor Baru. It was my 1st time going there, but my mom told me its not my 1st time.. =.= I can't recall anything back that I went there before... Anyway, I went there on Sunday early in the morning.. It was a 4 to 5 hours drive there... OMG, its damn tired.... It wasn't vacation, just a trip there for my mom to meet her client and I am just accompanying her..

I bought along Glen to this trip and my mom was scolding me like hell.. Hahahaha.. I just felt that if I leave him alone in the house, it makes him feel so lonely... This is his 1st trip and his 1st time going out so far~~

Glen~ <3

Camwhore with Glen~

This is my room~ It was quite nice and cheap too. RM140+ for a night and their facilities are nice and there even have a small kitchen for you to cook~ But the problem was, it was very hard finding this hotel.. Because me and my mom is not really familiar to JB, so... We were quite lost...

Through my window, I can see Singapore!!!!! TTATT I want to go~!!!!! I miss those days when I was in Singapore together with Cheryl. Jean, Jamie, Sherill, Blade and KZF.. That is the bridge to Singapore~~~~~!!!!!

Didn't took much picture of JB because we took a lot of time to drive around and try our best not to get lost.. =.= This picture was a random picture I took when I was too bored inside the car.. XD

A few shots of Glen posing at the window looking through Singapore.. 1 day, I am going to bring Glen to Singapore too~

I am sure Glen would be happy to go to Singapore too~~ X3

My mom waiting for dinner to be serve.. XDDD

Then the next day, I followed my mom to meet her client.. It was damn bored!!! T.T I have waited for her for almost more than an hour and I need to go sit with her on the table with her client for 3 hours?? If I am not wrong.. =A=

So that's why, another random and boring shots I took in the office...

That's all for now~ Tired now, and I need to practice my guitar and piano more~ I am quite addicted to a song lately, My Chemical Romance - Famous Last Words... It was a song my teacher wants me to practice.. :) So while playing the song, I am singing just for fun~ XD

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