Puri-puri Collection

Ruki is getting better~~~ Oh my God.. Thank you so much, Kami-sama!!!!!!! When I get to know this, it cheers my day up so so so much~~~~~ I am so happy~~~~~~ XD

Then lately, I am TOO free~ And too CAREFREE, so decided to scan my puri-puri pictures that are with my dearest sisters - Cheryl and Black Catz (Akiyo), for fun~ XD I always love to take puri-puri pictures with them~ Hahahahha.. It's part of my collection too~

This is 1 of the puri-puri picture~ Nyaaaaannnn~~~~ *WTF? I am acting cute? This is so not me!!!* (Yumi gone crazy because of too happy, ignore her....)

Don't know why after scanning, the pictures are so bright.. =A=

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