I am now writing my blog early in the morning.. I feeling sad but yet happy feeling now, I don't know what's that too, but that's what I am feeling now.. The joy of a missing pieces, I guess... Hahaha.. Sounds so emo, but I am not, I am really happy.. Hahaha.. What the hell am I talking..?? ==

I miss those days when you both are with me,
I miss those memories we created together,
I miss those hot chocolates and espresso that we always drink in Starbucks,
I miss those stupid words that came out from you both to bombard me like hell,
I miss those games that we used to play even though we know its going to spoil soon,
I miss those voice,
I miss those laughter,
I miss those warmth,
I miss everything about it...
Tell me not to be attach to things like this, I can't, its so not me..
Because everything is too dear to me...
I can't let it go..
I can never let it go..

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